Official Visitors and Guests of the University

All visitors must obtain a valid visitor's parking permit prior to parking on campus.  All employees, departments and students are responsible for their guests and any parking violations they may acquire.

Visitor permits are available from the Parking and Transportation Office located in the Parking Deck, 102 N. Laurel Street.  Visitor parking permits authorizes the guest to park on campus providing all rules and regulations are observed. Citations will be issued for any illegal parking or violations of parking rules and regulations. Visitor is defined as any person other than a student, staff, or faculty member of NC A&T State University.

University departments should request visitor permits at least three days prior to the event by completing a departmental request. A visitor permit request form must be submit with all departmental request to Parking Services. 

Guests of Students

Students requesting visitor parking permits must apply in person at the Parking and Transportation Office located in the Parking Deck  and bring along:

  • The license tag number of their guest’s vehicle
  • Make and model of the guest's vehicle
  • Color of the guest's vehicle
  • A valid student ID

Parking Rates

Daily Permit 

$ 6 per day

Parking Meters

$.25 per 15 minutes

$1.00 per hour

Parking Deck Rates

0-60 Minutes                    $1.00

Each Additional Hour         $1.00

Maximum Per Day             $6.00

For any questions, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at ( 336) 285-2027.
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