North Carolina A&T State University Aggie OneCard Debit Account Terms and Conditions

North Carolina A&T State University will hereby establish an Aggie OneCard debit account in the cardholder’s name for the amount receipted with the following conditions:

  1. Contract Duration

    The duration of the accounts shall be from the account activation until one of the following occurs:

    1. The account funds are depleted;

    2. Graduation or withdrawal/suspension from NC A&T State University;

    3. One year passes in which no transaction takes place within the account.

    4. Termination from a faculty or staff position at NC A&T State University.

  2. Eligibility

    An Aggie OneCard account may be opened by students, faculty and staff at NC A&T State University.

  3. Minimum Deposit

    The initial deposit for this account is $25.00 (twentyfive dollars). Once the account is established, any dollar amount may be deposited thereafter.

  4. General Operation

    Upon the cardholder’s initial deposit, the University will establish an electronic account balance in the cardholder’s name. The cardholder may then use these pre-deposited funds for purchases wherever the card is honored during business hours. Purchases will not be allowed with a damaged or invalid card.

  5. Account Balances of Graduating/Withdrawing Students & Terminated Faculty/Staff

    When a student graduates/withdraws from the University or a faculty/staff member retires or is terminated and wants to close out his/her debit account, a Aggie OneCard Account Closure form must be filed with the Aggie OneCard office. This office will then send an account closure request to the Treasurer’s Office. Once that information is received, a request for balance release of respective customers will be sent to the Accounting Office.

  6. Liability for Illegitimate Use of Aggie OneCard

    The patron is solely responsible for safeguarding his/her one-card. Should the card become lost or misplaced, either accidentally or by theft, the University assumes no responsibility for illegitimate withdrawals from the patron’s account prior to the patron notifying the One-Card Center during normal business hours or the University Police Department after normal business hours.

  7. Confiscated Cards

    All confiscated cards will be send to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. Cards will be returned in accordance with current policies regarding disciplinary actions.

    Aggie OneCards may be confiscated for the following reasons:

    1. Misuse (i.e. fraudulent, unauthorized use, excessive offline overages, or revoked privileges)

    2. Student suspension/withdrawal

    3. Employee termination/resignation

    4. University Police arrest (Ref.: Guidelines for Confiscation)

  8. Refund Policy

    All unused funds in your account will carry over from semester to semester until one of the following happens:

    1. Faculty/Staff termination or resignation

    2. Graduation from the University

    3. Withdrawal from the University


If you have any questions or comments, please email us: card@ncat.edu

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