Wayne Kimball, Jr.

Wayne Kimball Jr., 23, is an ambitious young professional fueled by a passion for business development and corporate expansion coupled with a zeal for community advocacy and international relations.  After graduating from A&T in 2011, with a degree in civil engineering, Kimball landed a job as a technology operations specialist in the human resources department at Google.  He believes that his experiences at A&T fully prepared him for the workforce. 
“N.C. A&T truly taught me how to be a well rounded scholar,” Kimball said.  “The rigorous courses challenged me to think more critically and analytically. These are skills that I use each day at work. The nurturing environment at A&T gave me the confidence to appreciate my own self worth, while pushing me to always improve my skill sets and strengths.  A&T encouraged me to be my very best. My professors, mentors, friends all inspired me to be better and realize that anything short of success was not an option."

Kimball is actively involved in the community and is affiliated with many professional organizations. He serves on the Board of Directors for Leading for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc., Standing Tall for Success, Inc. and formerly served on the A&T Board of Trustees. He is also a member of the National Speakers Association, the National Urban League and a life member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Wayne Kimball, Jr.  

Speaking since his adolescent years, Kimball is an energetic and charismatic orator known for rousing audiences of all sizes.  He was the keynote speaker for A&T’s 51st Sit-In Anniversary Celebration, joining the ranks of prominent past speakers such as Julian Bond, former chairman of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People and Nontombi Naomi Tutu, daughter of South African social activist Bishop Desmond Tutu. Over the years, Kimball has received a host of awards and recognitions on all levels for his outstanding achievements, leadership and oratorical skills.

Kimball is the Chief Executive Officer of Dow Kimball Enterprise, a business development firm that provides a myriad of strategic business consultation services. He is also the founder of Wayne Kimball, Jr. International, whose mission is to help better mankind through motivational communication, community outreach, and personal and professional development.

Kimball has traveled internationally to Ghana, West Africa, Trinidad, Tobago, France and Italy to speak, study and render service in communities. While fulfilling his company’s vision and supporting global humanitarianism, he is recognized as a catalyst for change among today’s generation.