Joel Williamson

Joel Williamson, 21, is a vibrant young professional driven by a passion to develop individuals, communities, and organizations into becoming benchmarks in their perspective fields. After graduating A&T in 2012, with a degree in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship, Williamson accepted a position as an account manager in the learning solutions department at Eagle’s Flight Inc. Eagle’s Flight is an innovative leader in the development and delivery of practical training programs for the global business community. He believes his experiences at A&T have fully prepared him to excel in the workforce.

Joel Williamson, '12Joel Williamson '12 Joel is actively involved in his community.

“The biggest lesson A&T taught me was how to become one the best qualifiers for various opportunities in any group, “Williamson said. “When I was told companies were coming to recruit, Career Services reviewed my resume and instructed me on how to properly interview. Teachers always passed words of wisdom onto me before I’d travel to a conference or give a presentation. Administration offered me insight on post-graduate life and how to navigate through some of the pitfalls young professionals have encountered after graduation. “Alumni, who served as my mentors, provided me with much needed wisdom on career choices. Listening and actively practicing what was shared has allowed me to stand amongst the most recognized students, young professional Aggies, and student leaders. I’m thankful I attended A&T because my faith and my “Aggie family” have helped me achieve this level of recognition.”

 Williamson is actively involved in his community. He serves on the Board of Advisors for Rockingham County Business and Technology Center and formally produced a college talk show called “The Student’s Corner” on WNAA FM 90.1.

Even as a youth, Williamson was passionate about assisting others in their personal development.  During his sophomore year of high school, he branded himself by creating the tagline “Joel Will Speak”.  He has spoken to youth over the past six years. He’s inspired, uplifted, and helped middle, high school, and college students transform their ways of thinking.  Williamson has received multiple awards and recognitions on all levels for his outstanding achievements and leadership skills.

He has a strong blood line of history with A&T. “My father married my mother while she was a senior at A&T. He had just graduated from A&T the year before. Then two years later “the kids” came, he explained.”  “ My oldest brother transferred to A&T and is a RISE Scholar currently majoring in Biology and my father came back to earn a master’s degree in information technology.  Both will graduate in the 2012.”

While a student at A&T, Williamson has traveled internationally to Singapore, Malaysia, and Belize to study the countries’ commerce and consult businesses. He recently headed to Canada to begin his career. “I’m looking forward to going to Canada, “Williamson said. “I’m grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to start my career with such a great company that focuses on experimental learning, providing solutions and structural development.”

He added, “I thank God for leading and guiding me as I made my final decision as to where I should earn my undergraduate degree. I prayed continuously for an answer and undoubtedly felt I was to go to A&T.  As a recent graduate reflecting on all that I, by God’s grace have achieved, can truly say that becoming an Aggie was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  I thank God and will always cherish the true blue and gold, our dear North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University!”