Faculty & Staff

Dr. Godfrey A. Uzochukwu, Director, Waste Management Institute  
Waste Management Institute Advisory Committee 
Dr. Antoine Alston, Ag. Education
Dr. Ipek Goktepe, Human Environment & Family Sci.  
Dr. Tracy Hanner, Animal Science
Ron Bailey, Architectural Engineering
Dr. Kenneth Roberts, Chemical Engineering
Dr. Shoou-Yuh Chang, Civil & Environmental Engr.
Dr. Michael Simmons, Transportation Institute
Dr. Peter Meyers, History
Dr. Robert Pyle, Construction Management & Safety
Dr. Alexandra Kurepa, Mathematics
Dr. M.R. Reddy, Natural Resources
Robert Powell, Architectural Engineering
Dr. Dilip Shah, Construction Management & Safety
Dr. Dorothy Leflore, Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. David Aldridge, Biology
Dr. John Kelly, Electrical Engineering
Ayanna Boyd-Williams, Graduate School
Dr. Paul Stanfield, Industrial Engineering
Dr. Charles Kadzere, Animal Science
Dr. Theresa Styles, Journalism and Mass Communication
Dr. Derrek Dunn, Electronics Computer Tech.
Dr. Marcus Tillery, Manufacturing Systems
Dr. Patricia Price-Lea, Nursing Education
Karen Bragg, Waste Management Institute
Dr. Vereda King, Economics
Dr. Salam Ibrahim, Human Env & Family Science
Dr. Abdul Mohammed, Chemistry
Dr. Emmanuel Nzewi, Civil & Environ. Engr.
Dr. Godfrey Gayle, BioEnviron Engr
Dr. G.B. Reddy, Natural Resources
Robin Howard, Information Technology & Telecommunications
Dr. David Dillon, Construction Mgmt. & Safety
Dr. Etta Gravely, Chemistry
Dr. Perry Mack, Biology
Dr. Donald McDowell, Agri Bus, Appl Econ
Perry Howard, Landscape Architecture
Dr. Vinayak Kabadi, Chemical Engineering
Dr. Keith Schimmel, Chemical Engineering
Dr. George Robinson, Psychology
Dr. Mary Smith, Biology
Dr. Millie Worku, Animal Science
Dr. S. Somah, Construction Management & Safety
Dr. Derome Dunn, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. C. Seo, Human Environment & Family Science
Dr. Horlin Carter, Occupational Safety & Health Admin.
Dr. Eui Park, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Donald Bradsher, Library
Dr. Samuel Moseley, Political Science
Dr. Charles Williams, Office of the Assoc VC
Dr. Leonard C. Uitenham, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Shona Morgan, Business Administration
Dr. Yusuf Adewuyi, Chemical Engineering
Dr. Abolghasem Shahbazi, Natural Resources
Dr. Ray J Davis, Construction Mgmt. & Safety
Dr. Doretha Foushee, Biology
Dr. Shamsuddin Ilias, Chemical Engineering
Dr. Godfrey Ejimakor, Agricultural Economics