WMI 236- Recycling
WMI 333- Capstone Seminar
WMI 617- Environmental Ethics
WMI 619- Environmental Justice
WMI 629 – 40 Hour-Hazmat Training
WMI 747- Advanced Capstone Seminar
ABM 240- Information Technology in Agribusiness
ABM 300- Rural Communities and Economic Development
ABM 335- The Economics of World Food and Resources
ABM 340- The Global Agricultural Economy, Hunger and Poverty
ABM 438- Resource and Environmental Economics and Policy
ABM 638- Special Problems in Agricultural Economics
ABM 641- Special Problems in Agribusiness Management
ACCT 203- Fundamentals of Accounting for Decision Making
ACCT 443- Income Tax Accounting
ACCT 444- Cost Accounting
ACCT 445- Selected Topics in Accounting
ACCT 446- Managerial Accounting
ACCT 561- Auditing Principles
AET 191- Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
AET 205- Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Problems
AET 225- Sustainability and Energy Conservation Technologies
AET 270- Industrial Materials & Processes
AET 271- Metallic Material Processes
AET 274- Polymer Process
AET 277- Electronics Manufacturing Technology I
AET 281- Industrial Statistics and Probability
AET 293- Power Technology
AET 311- Lean Manufacturing
AET 325- Solar Power Technology
AET 326- Bio-Fuel Technologies
AET 332- Manufacturing-Production and Control:
AET 377- Electronics Manufacturing Technology II
AET 398- Cooperative Training in Industry I
AET 425- Wind and Wave Energy Technologies
AET 427- Hybrid Energy System Technology
AET 445- Industrial Project Management
AET 481- Supply Chain Management Systems
AET 494- Leadership For Total Quality Management
AGED 401- Leadership Theory and Youth Program Management
AGED 520- Special Problems in Agricultural Education and Extension
AGED 607- Environmental Education
AGED 610- International Education in Agriculture
AGED 611- Special Problems In Agricultural Education and Extension
AGED 612- Field
ANSC 413- Sanitation and Diseases of Farm Animals
ANSC 637- Environmental Toxicology
ANSC 665- Techniques in Biotechnology
ANSC 641- Disease Management of Livestock and Poultry
AREN 221- Building Sanitation and Fire Protection
AREN 231- Materials and Methods of Construction
AREN 343- Heat Transfer and Applied Thermodynamics
AREN 345- Electrical Systems for Buildings
AREN 361- Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Principles
AREN 470- Energy and the Environment
AREN 472- Energy Conservation in Buildings
AREN 485- Senior Project I - Design Development
AREN 570- Energy and the Environment
AREN 572- Energy Conservation in Buildings
AREN 575- Energy Management for Buildings
ASME 200- Earth System Science: Exploring the Connections
ASME 211- Computer Applications in Meteorology
ASME 251- Fundamentals of Meteorology and Climatology
ASME 275- Weather Systems
ASME 440- Atmospheric Chemistry
ASME 510- Seminar in Atmospheric Science and Meteorology
ASME 550- Senior Project
ASME 563- Atmospheric Remote Sensing
BIOE 216- Geographic Information Systems
BIOE 330- Engineering Systems Analysis and Design
BIOE 360- General Hydrology
BIOE 400- Soil and Water Engineering
BIOE 404- Structures and the Environment
BIOE 422- Introduction to Bioprocess Engineering
BIOE 423- Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Systems
BIOE 424- Water Resources Engineering
BIOE 432- Physical and Engineering Properties of Soil
BIOE 440- Engineering Properties of Biological Materials
BIOE 501- Engineering Design I
BIOE 502- Engineering Design II
BIOE 505- Selected topics in Biological Engineering
BIOE 510- Independent Study in Biological Engineering
BIOE 522- Food Engineering
BIOL 220- Basic Microbiology
BIOL 221- General Microbiology
BIOL 410- Ecology (Formerly BIOL 310)
BIOL 469- Biology, Technology, and Ethics II
BIOL 498- Independent Study
BIOL 501- Senior Project
BIOL 642- Special Problems in Biology
BIOL 690- Introduction to Epidemiology
BMEN 310- Biomaterials
BMEN 321- Biomechanics
BMEN 411- Biotransport
BMEN 495- Senior Capstone Design I
BMEN 310- Biomaterials
BMEN 321- Biomechanics
BMEN 411- Biotransport
BMEN 495- Senior Capstone Design I
CAEE 204- Fundamentals of Surveying
CAEE 330- Construction Materials
CAEE 335- Construction Materials Laboratory
CAEE 450- Construction Engineering & Management
CAEE 481- Construction Engineering
CAEE 482- Construction Project
CAEE 498- Special Projects in Civil and Architectural Engineering
CAEE 499- Special Topics in Civil and Architectural Engineering
CHEM 221- Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 222- Organic Chemistry II*
CHEM 223- Organic Chemistry I Laboratory*
CHEM 224- Organic Chemistry II Laboratory*
CHEM 451- Biotechniques in Biochemistry
CHEM 452- Biotechniques in Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM 504- Independent Study
CHEN 320- Heat Transfer
CHEN 325- Introduction to Chemical Process Simulation
CHEN 340- Process Dynamics and Control
CHEN 422- Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHEN 448- Process Safety, Health and Environment,
CHEN 505- Selected Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHEN 508- Introduction to Bioseparations
CHEN 510- Independent Study in Chemical Engineering
CHEN 515- Overview of Energy and Fuels
CHEN 522- Introduction to Green Engineering
CHEN 525- Basic Food Process Engineering
CHEN 545- Introduction to Environmental Remediation
CHEN 560- Selected Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHEN 564- Nuclear Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
CHEN 574- Interdisciplinary Design
CIEN 212- Fundamental Principles in Environmental Engineering
CIEN 281- Civil Engineering Land CAD
CIEN 320- Geotechnical Engineering
CIEN 330- Construction Materials
CIEN 350- Transportation Engineering
CIEN 364- Engineering Hydrology
CIEN 403- Senior Seminar
CIEN 410- Environmental Engineering Design
CIEN 416- Solid Waste Management
CIEN 420- Geotechnical Engineering II
CIEN 460- Water Resources Engineering Design
CIEN 480- Construction Engineering
CIEN 482- Construction Project
CIEN 522- Foundation Design
CIEN 550- Transportation Design
COMP 321- Computer System Security
COMP 322- Internet Systems
COMP 323- Introduction to Health Care Information Systems
COMP 567- Introduction to Data Mining
COMP 590- Special Topics in Computer Science
COMP 595- Senior Project I
COMP 596- Senior Project II
CRJS 504- Independent Study
CRJS 506- Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CUIN 110- Ethics of Teaching
CUIN 302- Field Experiences and Community Services
CUIN 402- Extramural Studies I
CUIN 543- Educational Media
CUIN 681- Issues in Education
ECON 200- Principles of Economics (Micro)
ECON 201- Principles of Economics
ECON 305- Elementary Statistics)
ECON 310- Advanced Statistics
ECON 312- Quantitative Analysis
ECON 405- History of Economic Thought
ECON 472- Economics and Society
ECON 501- Labor Relations
ECON 505- International Economic Relations
ECON 510- Business Cycles)
ECON 515- Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 520- Economic Development
ECON 525- Economics Seminar
ECON 599- Independent Study
ECON 608- Managerial Economics
ECON 610- Consumer Economics
ECON 615- Economic, Political and Social Aspects of the Black Experience
ECEN 430- Power Systems, Energy Conversion and Electric Machinery
ECEN 436- Power Systems, Energy Conversion and Electric Machinery
ECEN 585- Selected Topics in Engineering
ECEN 586- Special Projects
ECEN 598- Senior Design Project I
ECEN 599- Senior Design Project II
ECT 330- Robotics and Controls I
ECT 350- Communications Systems
ECT 390- Special Topics
ECT 398- Junior Project
ECT 399- Independent Study
ECT 598- Senior Project: A Capstone Experience
ECT 599- Independent Study
ELED 415- Curriculum Design and Instructional Planning in the Elementary
ELED 510- Language Arts in the Elementary School
ELED 513- Science in the Elementary School
ENVS 201- The Earth’s Environment
ENVS 209- Physical Geology
ENVS 230- Weather and Climate
ENVS 308- Independent Work in Environmental Studies
ENVS 344- Environmental Studies Seminar
ENVS 416- Natural Resource Conservation
ENVS 622- Sanitation and Waste Management
ENVS 444- Problem Solving in Environmental Studies
ENVS 466- Earth System Science
ENVS 699- Environmental Problems
FCS 346- Food Safety and Sanitation
FCS 347- Food Engineering
FCS 440- Food Microbiology and Biotechnology
FCS 444- Food Laws Regulations
FCS 445- Food Preservation
FCS 541- Food Packaging
FCS 618- Food Technology Seminar
FCS 635- Introduction to Research Methods in Food and Nutrition
FCS 637- Special Problems in Food and Nutrition
FCS 645- Risk Assessment in the Food Industry
FCS 679- Nutrition Education
FIN 453- Business Finance
FIN 455- Investments
FIN 464- Risk and Insurance
FIN 469- Principles of Financial Planning
FIN 550- Financial Analysis
FIN 551- Financial Management
FIN 552- Commercial Bank Management
FIN 555- Securities Analysis and Management
FIN 556- Financial Markets
FIN 557- Cases in Business Finance
GCS 327- Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GCS 328- Intermediate Geographic Information Systems
GCS 427- Interdisciplinary Decision Making using GIS Technology
GCS 430- Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 200- Principles of Geography
GEOG 210- World Regional Geography
GEOG 319- Regional Geography of the United States and Canada
GEOG 322- Economic Geography
GEOG 640- Topics in Geography of the United States and Canada
GEOG 641- Topics in World Geography
HIST 271- Museum Practice and Collection Maintenance
HIST 307- The Historical Origins of Environmental Crises
HIST 319- Topics in World History
HIST 334- Honors in History
HIST 477- Technology, Empire, and Popular Culture
HIST 599- Senior Seminar
HORT 350- Factors affecting Urban and Community Horticulture
HORT 612- Integrated Pest Management Systems

INEN 246. Industrial Production Processes
INEN 360. Engineering Economy
INEN 361. Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis
INEN 370. Engineering Statistics
INEN 380. Information Technology for Industrial and Systems Engineers
INEN 389. Systems Approaches for Industrial and Systems Engineers
INEN 425. Quality Assurance
INEN 434. Material Handling Systems Design
INEN 450. Systems Integration
INEN 453. Technical Entrepreneurship
INEN 455. Production Control
INEN 458. Management of Engineering Projects
INEN 465. Facilities Design
INEN 485. Special Topics in Industrial and Systems Engineering
INEN 489. Professionalism and Ethics for Industrial and Systems Engineers
INEN 495. Design Projects in Industrial and Systems Engineering


ITT 598- Senior Project: An Information Technology Capstone Experience

JOMC 203- Social Media
JOMC 276- Introduction to Public Relations
JOMC 300- Photojournalism
JOMC 330- Public Relations Writing
JOMC 441- Media Ethics)
JOMC 475- Special Projects
JOMC 486- Public Relations Campaigns
JOMC 493- Communications Law and Ethics
JOMC 499- Seminar: Case Studies in International Media Management
JOMC 500- Public Relations Seminar
JOMC 502- Current Issues in Mass Communication
JOMC 580- Independent Study in Journalism and Mass Communication
LASC 261- Medical Terminology
LASC 365- Biology, Diseases and Care of Laboratory Animal
LASC 462- Principles of Medical Sciences
LASC 636- Principles of Toxicology
LDAR 102- Environmental Design Ethics
LDAR 500- Special Problems in Design
LIBS 307- Food and The Global Community
LIBS 601- Independent Study I
LIBS 602- Independent Study II
MATH 224- Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MATH 480- Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
MATH 606- Mathematics for Chemists
MATH 692- Independent Study
MEEN 202- ME Sophomore Project
MEEN 446- Manufacturing Processes
MEEN 460- Modern Engineering Materials
MEEN 462- Heat Transfer
MEEN 474- Mechanical Engineering Design
MEEN 513- Composite Materials
MEEN 520- Fundamentals of Nuclear Energy
MEEN 530- Fundamentals of Nanoscience and Engineering
MEEN 544- Special Undergraduate Project
MEEN 546- Advanced Manufacturing Processes
MEEN 573- Mechanical Engineering Senior Project I
MEEN 585- Special Topics
MEEN 596- Independent Study
MGMT 220- Business Environment
MGMT 425- Entrepreneurship
MGMT 427- Business, Ethics and Social Responsibility
MGMT 460- Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
MGMT 462- Business Law
MGMT 472- Entrepreneurship Consulting
MGMT 481- Management Science I
MGMT 482- Operations Management
MGMT 599- Independent Study in Business
MIS 440- Management of Information Resources
MIS 640- MIS Topics
NURS 320- Health Assessment
NURS 358- Pathophysiology
NURS 415- Health Care in a Global Society
NARS 250- Insects, Man and Environment
NARS 608- Special Problems in Natural Resources
NURS 460- Community Health Nursing
NURS 516- Independent Study
OSH 201. Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety
OSH 205. Sprinklers and Auto Alarms
OSH 210. Industrial Accident Prevention
OSH 220. Safety and Security Management
OSH 230. Transportation of Hazardous Materials
OSH 305. Fire Protection Law
OSH 312. Accident Investigation Analysis and Records
OSH 393. Safety Management
OSH 394. Environmental Health
OSH 405. Portable and Fixed Extinguishing Systems
OSH 411. Hazardous Materials for the Safety Professional
OSH 413. Industrial Hygiene I
OSH 414. Principles of Fire Prevention
OSH 415. Standards and Regulations in Environmental Health and Safety
OSH 416. Industrial Hygiene II
OSH 417. Introduction to Job Search, Internship and Work Environment
OSH 426. Terrorism and Workplace Safety
OSH 497. Industrial Experience I
OSH 498. Industrial Experience II
OSH 505. Fire Fighting Strategies
OSH 510. Workplace Violence Prevention and Reaction
OSH 513. Human Factors
OSH 515. Evaluation for Environmental Health and Safety
OSH 516. Environmental Health and Safety Management
OSH 517. Materials Handling for the Safety Professional
OSH 532. Design of Engineering Hazard Controls
OSH 555. Health Physics
OSH 572. System Safety and Other Analytical Methods
OSH 599. Independent Study in Environmental Health and Safety
PHIL 263- Ethics of Good Life and Character Building
PHIL 315- Business Ethics
PHIL 316- Environmental Ethics
PHIL 320- Ethics and Technology
PHYS 290- Introduction to Geophysics
PHYS 411- Atmospheric Physics I
PHYS 412- Atmospheric Physics II
PHYS 442- Structural Geology
PHYS 468- Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particles
PHYS 480- Introduction to Solar Physics
PHYS 500- Special Topics in Physics
PHYS 510- Physics Seminar
PHYS 550- Undergraduate Research
POLI 250- Introduction to Public Policy
POLI 400- Mass Political Attitudes and Behavior
POLI 410- Public Policy and Technology
POLI 415- Environmental Policy
POLI 448- Politics of Transportation
POLI 653- Urban Problems
PSYC 320- General Psychology
PSYC 445- Industrial Psychology
PSYC 500- Independent Research
PSYC 540- Biological Psychology
PSYC 546- Applied Health Psychology
SLMG 200- Soil Science
SLMG 300- Soil and Soil Management
SLMG 350- Land and Water Conservation Management
SLMG 400- Environmental Quality Assessment
SLMG 450- Sustainable Land-Use Systems
SLSC 621- Soil Microbiology
SLSC 632- Soil Physics
SLSC 633- Soil Genesis, Classification and Land Use
SLSC 634- Soil Environmental Chemistry
SLSC 640- Wetland Management
SOCI 401- Origins of Social Thought
SOCI 406- Criminology
SOCI 408- Independent Study I
SOCI 570- Senior Seminar
SOSW 415- Medical Sociology
SOSW 601- Seminar in Urban Studies
SOSW 670- Law and Society
SOWK 525- Independent Study
SOWK 570- Senior Seminar
TECH 101- Introduction to Technology