Interested in Joining Detachment 605?

Traditional freshman please follow the registration procedures below to register to become a cadet.

Students in sophomore academic standing may still register for courses but will need to take both AS100 and AS200 level courses during their first year. Please be sure to contact us prior to registering so we may verify your academic standing and projected graduation date.

All students must have a minimum of 3 full academic years remaining in order to complete our program.

Spring 2017 Registration Procedures and Required Items

NC A&T Students:

Register for appropriate Aerospace Studies (AERO) level classes through the NC A&T Banner website.  Refer to class schedule for the semester course listing.

1) (New College Freshman) Register for one of the Thursday sections of Foundations of the USAF II course (AERO 122.001 or AERO 122.002) AND General Military Course Leadership Laboratory II (AERO 132.001).

2) Students with 3 years remaining until graduation (fall and spring semesters), will register for AERO 122, AERO 222 and AERO 232. Please be sure to contact us prior to registering so we may verify your academic standing and projected graduation date.

Cross-Town Students:

1)   Class & Lab Registration- Obtain a consortium or cross-town agreement form from your Registrar’s office. Complete the form using the Aerospace Studies class schedule and gather signatures from your home school's Registrar office. 

2)   Bring your completed form to the Air Force ROTC office located in Campbell Hall by January 2017 (9:00 am-3:00 pm).  Campbell Hall AFROTC is building #9 on our campus map.  You can reach the Air Force ROTC office at 336-334-7707. 

3)   Return the completed consortium or cross-town agreement form to your Registrar’s office to receive credit for cross-town classes (if required).

4)   Parking Passes- Obtain a copy of your consortium agreement to present to your home school's Parking Services. They will then present you with a consortium parking pass. Please see the Air Force Administrative Assistant for parking pass information if you attend FTCC, RCCSalem College or WSSU

* Reminder: Cross-town registration is only available in January 2017 (9:00 am-3:00 pm). You will not be permitted to register outside of these dates.

BOTH NC A&T and Cross-Town Students: 

1)   The program is not designed for students who are academic Juniors or Seniors. 


3)   Your lab grade includes participation in morning Physical Training (PT) at 0600 on Tuesday and Thursday of every week. 

4)   No commitments to the Air Force are required simply for taking AFROTC class and lab.

Required Items

Required items must be turned in by January 2017 during the Cadet Wingman Day (located at Campbell Hall). Without these items, you will not be able to participate in the program: 

1)   Current Sports Physical (Also available in office or by emailing us at

2)   ORIGINAL Birth Certificate

3)   ORIGINAL Social Security Card

4)   SAT/ACT Score Printout

5)   College Transcripts (if applicable)

6)   JROTC/CAP certificate (if applicable)

7)   Private Pilot’s License (if applicable)

8)   Copy of Selective Service Number for males 18 and over

Original copies are returned to the cadet once a copy is made by our Cadre. Copies submitted by cadets will not be accepted.