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MATH 099 - Intermediate Mathematics

Math 099 is designed to equip students with fundamental math skills and competencies necessary for progression to the next appropriate level of college mathematics. The math educators provide a foundation for the study of college algebra as well as teach basic skills and study strategies in mathematics. This course provides elementary properties of real numbers and basic algebra through solving of quadratic equations by various means.

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FRST 100 - University Survival
FRST 100 provides students with an introduction to study skills, career exploration, University policies, and procedures, as well as University support services. Students should leave the course with an appreciation of how to successfully cope with the demands of college, to overcome the challenges of college life, and to take advantage of opportunities at the University.


FRST 101 College Success

FRST 101 is designed to help students identify or confirm major selection and develop an intellectual understanding of financial aid and financial literacy and how they are tied to student success. This course will also promote academic, personal and professional development skills essential for success.

Points of Pride

Points of Pride