Aggie Pride Compact

Achieving Great Goals In Everything – Producing Renowned Individuals
Dedicated to Excellence

The essence of Aggie Pride is manifested in standards depicting what it truly means to be a responsible member of The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Family. These standards provide the impetus and inspiration, which motivate students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees alike in their perpetual commitment to excellence. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University has a unique legacy of nurturing individual students to realize their fullest potential.

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is a learner-centered community that develops and preserves intellectual capital through interdisciplinary learning, discovery, engagement, and operational excellence. As members of the university community, all stakeholders share a pervasive sense of trust, pride, and allegiance in ensuring the preeminent status of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in a global society.

The following standards define the essence of Aggie Pride:

Aggie Pride is consistently communicating and behaving in a manner that displays integrity, honesty, sound character, and virtuous ethics. (Values)

Aggie Pride is expecting and achieving success and setting high standards in all personal and professional ventures. (Achievement)

Aggie Pride is taking a personal stand to positively affect the continuous growth, development and enhancement of the University at large. (Commitment)

Aggie Pride is accepting and demonstrating a steadfast commitment to learning by taking responsibility through personal and professional development. (Self-determination)

Aggie Pride is striving to significantly influence the development of individuals of all ages within and beyond our community to become lifelong learners. (Lifelong Learning)

Aggie Pride is exhibiting a positive and willing attitude to unselfishly serve and to pledge ones talents and gifts for the betterment of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and the larger world community. (Service)

Aggie Pride is contributing to the establishment and maintenance of a safe, clean, and aesthetically appealing campus with a favorable ecosystem. (Building Community)

Aggie Pride is exhibiting a relentless desire and commitment to treat all individuals with a high level of appreciation and respect and to expect the same in return. (Respect)

Aggie Pride is effectively representing the University by utilizing personal knowledge, skills, and resources. (Confidence)

Aggie Pride builds on the past, maintains the present, and accepts the challenges of the future while providing our personal financial resources to preserve our legacy and ensure our future. (Legacy)

Therefore, as a member of the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University family, I unconditionally accept the obligation entrusted to me to live my life according to the standards set forth in this Compact. By my words and actions, I commit to Aggie Pride and the pursuit of excellence for myself and for my university.