Office of Summer Sessions

The Office of Summer Sessions provides the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of summer learning experiences in condensed formats that support educational, career and personal enrichment goals. These activities are designed to reach the total community with courses, workshops and programs that are offered to populations of all ages from children to the retiree. The standards of academic achievement and the quality of work required are maintained at the same level as during the regular terms.

The Office has the responsibility for planning, coordinating and administering the University’s Summer Sessions activities. These programs have been designed to help optimize student progress and to enhance the University’s four-year graduation rates by providing degree-related course work for undergraduate and graduate students. Most courses are conveniently taught in five weeks allowing time for work and travel during the summer months.

The summer programs feature several convenient sessions of varying lengths: two five-week sessions, one two-week presession, one two-week intersession and one ten-week dual session which runs from the beginning of the first session through the end of the second session. Students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of seven credits each five-week session or seven credits in the dual session. Students can take one three-credit hour course during the presession and/or the intersession. There are several short courses and workshops that are scheduled within the two five-week sessions. These programs support the attainment of educational goals for undergraduate and graduate degree candidates at the university or elsewhere and the meeting of licensure requirements for teachers and other professional personnel.