Center for Distance Learning

The Center for Distance Learning (CDL), in close cooperation with the academic departments, enables students to access degree programs and courses of the University at convenient sites and times. Courses are offered at a distance through online and extension programs. More than 5000 people are currently taking classes via Web-based and on-site instruction. Students and faculty members can interact via online group discussion sessions, email, interactive video classrooms, streamed videos, and on-site instruction.

Currently, more than 600 courses are offered online and through extension programs from all colleges and schools of the University. There are four undergraduate and four graduate online degree programs offered. The degree programs include:

  1. Agricultural Education (B.S.)
  2. Business Education (B.S.)
  3. Electronics Technology (B.S.)
  4. Occupational Safety & Health (B.S.)
  5. Agricultural Education (M.S.)
  6. Information Technology (M.S.)
  7. Instructional Technology (M.S.)
  8. Master of Art in Teaching (MAT)

Additionally, there is an online consortium degree program with Indiana State University in Technology Management (Ph.D.).

There is one graduate degree program available through extension programs: School Administration (M.S. – Winston-Salem, NC). Furthermore, there are four licensure programs in Business Education, Elementary Education, Technology Education, and Vocational Industrial Education.

CDL plans to increase the number of academic degree programs offered using state-of-the-art instructional delivery systems. These systems will continue to address the educational and professional development needs of the University students, faculty, and other stakeholders with a focus on relevance, quality, and utility.