Five Year Readmission and Forgiveness Policy

Under the Five Year Readmission and Forgiveness Policy, an undergraduate student who has not been enrolled at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University for at least five (5) calendar years may request that NCAT coursework in which a grade of F was earned and that is five calendar years or older be excluded from GPA calculations and in determining graduation eligibility. To be eligible for this policy, a student must meet all readmission requirements.

If readmitted under this policy, a student will be placed on academic probation status for at least one semester. A notation stating that the Five-Year Readmission and Forgiveness Policy has been applied will be added to the student’s transcript. All grades and courses remain on the student’s transcript. This policy will not alter the student’s original academic record. A student planning to continue his/her education at another college or university is cautioned that the receiving institution may use all grades earned when computing a GPA for admissions eligibility or for other purposes.

The Five-Year Readmission and Forgiveness Policy has no effect on the student’s financial aid eligibility. A student should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for additional information. The tuition surcharge calculation is not affected by this policy.

During the first semester in which a student is readmitted, the student is required to develop an academic plan of action. The academic plan of action is developed in consultation with the student’s academic advising unit, and includes a listing of all courses required for degree completion. The student’s advisor is responsible for distributing the plan to the student, the Chairperson of the academic department, the academic unit’s retention coordinator, and the Office of Enrollment Management for information and compliance monitoring.