Course Number and Classification

The University uses the department prefix to designate all course offerings. The first digit indicates the classification level of the course. The numbering system is as follows:

100-399 – lower level courses primarily for freshmen and sophomores
400-599 – upper level courses primarily for juniors and seniors
600-699 – courses for undergraduate seniors and graduate students
700-799 – courses for graduate students and appropriate professional students’ special programs
800-899 – courses for doctoral students
900-999 – courses for graduate students (999 continuation of thesis courses)

Course Scheduling

To enhance the preparation of scheduling classes and the academic advisement process, each course section has a scheduling designation relative to the semester the course is offered. Fall Course Reference Numbers (CRN) begin with 1, Spring CRN’s begin with 2, and Summer first session, dual and Intersession CRN’s begin with 3, and Summer second session CRN’s begin with 4.