Class Attendance Policy

Class Attendance

The University is committed to the principle that regular and punctual class attendance is essential to the students’ optimum scholastic achievement. An absence, excused or unexcused, does not relieve the student of any course requirement. Attendance is required and punctuality is expected! A student is responsible for all the work, including tests and written work, of all class meetings.

Instructor’s Responsibility

  1. Description of attendance requirements should be stated in the course syllabus and announced in class, particularly at the beginning of each term. If class attendance is to affect a student’s course grade, then a statement to that effect must be a part of the course syllabus distributed to each student.
  2. Instructors will keep attendance records in all classes. Each instructor has the right to prescribe procedures as to how and when attendance will be taken.

Student’s Responsibility

It is the responsibility of each student to learn and comply with the requirements set by the instructor for each class in which he or she is registered. The student should:

  1. Have knowledge of each instructor’s attendance and monitoring practices for class absences during the term,
  2. Become familiar with all materials covered in each course during absences and makeup any work required by the instructor, and
  3. Initiate the request to make-up work on the first day of class attendance after the absence.