Academic Suspension

A student will be placed on academic suspension for one semester if they fail to earn a 2.00 semester GPA each semester of the academic probationary period.

Students placed on academic suspension are denied permission to enroll for the next regular fall or spring semester,whichever comes first. Suspended students may enroll in the summer semester for a maximum of 7 credit hours per summer semester. After a one-semester suspension, students may apply for readmissions to the University. The student’s academic department and college/school must approve the readmission. Students must be accepted into an academic department in order to be readmitted after academic suspension.

During the readmission process, students may simultaneously seek and execute a change of major. Such a change of major and the student’s readmission must be supported by the student’s new academic department. Students are advised to begin the readmission process/change of major with their academic department and college/school prior to the University’s posted application deadline.

If readmitted, the student will return in an academic probation status, which will be maintained until the student achieves good academic standing. In consultation with their academic advisor, students on Academic Probation after Suspension must develop an academic plan of action for each semester they are on academic probation after suspension. The student, the academic advisor, the academic unit’s retention coordinator and the Office of Enrollment Management will receive copies of the academic plan of action for information purposes and for monitoring compliance.

Suspended students wishing to appeal their academic suspension may appeal in writing to the Dean of their academic unit (for undecided students, the Director for the Center for Academic Excellence) by the appeals deadline in the academic calendar. Academic suspension appeals are considered where circumstances beyond a student’s control interfered with the student’s academic progress.

An appeal of academic suspension should include: a) academic term of academic suspension for which the appeal is being made; b) an explanation of the circumstances that interfered with academic performance; c) supporting documentation of the circumstances that merit the appeal; d) how the circumstances that generated the poor academic performance have been resolved; and e) the student’s plans for ensuring satisfactory academic progress in the coming academic semester should the appeal be approved.

Academic suspension appeals will be reviewed by the Dean’s Office (or, in the case of undecided students, the Director’s Office for the Center for Academic Excellence). Students will be notified of the decision on the appeal in writing. If an appeal of academic suspension is approved, the student will return in an academic probation after suspension status, which will be maintained until the student achieves good academic standing.

Any student who is placed on academic suspension at the end of the spring semester may attend both sessions of summer school to remove academic deficiencies. However, if the suspended student does not raise his or her grade point average to the required minimum, the student will remain suspended.

An academically suspended student who has not been enrolled at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University for at least 5 years (10 consecutive fall and spring semesters) may be eligible for one readmission under the “Five Year Readmission Policy” described below.