Faculty Engaging in Discussion

Academy for Teaching and Learning

The Academy for Teaching and Learning (ATL) is a campus-wide resource for faculty members, departments, and schools/colleges at North Carolina A&T State University interested in promoting teaching excellence, improving student learning outcomes, and encouraging ongoing professional development and scholarly engagement.

Providing Resources for Success

The ATL provides a wide array of resources, including:

  • workshops and seminars on effective teaching practices, assessment of student learning, and professional development
  • support for faculty travel to conferences with the purpose of improving teaching and learning
  • leadership for campus involvement in national and regional teaching/learning initiatives
  • newsletters, articles, and web resources focused on improving teaching and learning
  • assistance with carrying out scholarship on teaching, learning, and engagement
  • classroom observations/assessment and student focus group sessions
  • faculty learning communities on teaching and learning-related topics
  • new faculty orientation program
  • recognition of teaching excellence through university-level teaching awards and an annual teaching award luncheon
  • ongoing communication related to teaching, learning, and faculty development (via the ATL listserv and @ncat_atl Twitter feed)

Mission of the ATL - Focus on Learning

The mission of the Academy for Teaching and Learning, North Carolina A&T’s teaching and learning center, is to promote continuing faculty development and enhanced student learning through the development of scholarly teaching; the scholarship of teaching, learning, and engagement; and formative assessment of teaching practices, curricular design, and student learning.

This mission is implemented through activities that are informed and guided by research on teaching and learning, national teaching and learning-related initiatives, university-level strategic goals and objectives, and UNC-system priorities.

Promoting Success as a Teacher and Scholar

The ATL is here to support your success as a teacher, scholar, and faculty member. Together, we are engaged in the process of promoting the success of our students, both inside and outside the classroom, and in meeting the strategic goals and objectives of the university and UNC system. Please let us know how we can help you succeed. Your success is directly related to the success of our students and the university.

Contact the ATL

Contact the ATL director for more information about how the ATL can help you with your teaching/learning project!

Scott Simkins
Director, Academy for Teaching and Learning
313 Dowdy Building
1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411
Phone: 336-285-3047
Email: simkinss@ncat.edu