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Faculty Travel Grants

October 23, 2015 Update: Waiting to hear whether there will be 2015-2016 Title III funding for this activity; when a decision is made it will be announced here and in the ATL listserv.

Faculty Travel Grants support faculty travel that directly impacts teaching practices or course redesign aimed at improving student learning.  Faculty Travel Grants are funded from a U.S. Dept. of Education Title III HBCU grant activity specifically targeting improvement in student learning outcomes through faculty development in the area of teaching and learning.  Faculty Travel Grants directly support the Excellence in Teaching goal (Goal 2) of the university's strategic plan, PREEMINENCE 2020.


All full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty members are eligible.

Applying for a Faculty Travel Grant

Download the Faculty Travel Grants application linked below.  All applications must be submitted using this form.  Submission instructions are provided in the application.

NOTE: Faculty Travel Grants are funded from a U.S. Dept. of Education Title III HBCU grant activity specifically targeting improvement in student learning outcomes through faculty development.  These grants cannot be used to fund travel solely for conference presentations. In addition, Faculty Travel Grants may only be used for domestic travel in the contiguous 48 states (not Hawaii or Alaska).

  • Faculty Travel Grant Application (2015-2016 application not yet available - Word document with fillable cells)
  • Travel Form Workbook  [Scroll down to "Travel Workbook" to download TVL-1 and TVL-2 forms; TVL-1 required with application, TVL-2 required for reimbursement.  See also comprehensive "Travel Services" page on the University Accounting Office web site - http://www.ncat.edu/divisions/business-and-finance/comptroller/acct-off/trvl-ser.html - with information about travel policies, travel authorization and travel expense/reimbursement form tutorials, and the travel workbook (TVL-1 and TVL-2)]

Important Note: Please wait until you receive official notification of a Faculty Travel Award before making any travel-related payments. Failure to follow this policy may leave you personally liable for any previously paid travel expenses (e.g. airline tickets, conference registration, etc.)

Application Deadlines and Travel Dates

Submit completed application and required documentation to the Academy for Teaching and Learning (313 Dowdy) by 5:00 pm on the dates indicated below:

  • Fall: TBD (for travel after Oct. 1)
  • Spring: January 19, 2016 (for travel between March 1, 2016 and Sept. 1, 2016)

Travel Grant Award Application Review Process

Applications will be reviewed by the Faculty Travel Grant Committee within one week of the submission dates listed above.  This committee includes tenured faculty members representing each academic school/college, including JSNN and Bluford Library.  Committee members are nominated by the deans and approved/appointed by the Provost.

In awarding travel grants, the committee will give preference to faculty members:

  • whose applications make a compelling case for how the knowledge gained from the proposed travel will impact teaching practices, course (re)design, and student learning in a course, department, school/college or the university.
  • who are pre-tenure, especially within their first three years of initial appointment.
  • near tenure/promotion decisions or undergoing post-tenure review.
  • who are in mid/late-career, developing research skills related to the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • who have not previously received faculty development travel grant funding.
  • who did not receive funding during the 2013-2014 funding cycle (Oct. 1, 2013 – Sept. 30, 2014)

In addition, some consideration is given to funding equity across departments/schools/colleges when making awards.

Additional Guidelines (Please read this section carefully and completely)

  • Faculty members are responsible for covering 25% of estimated travel costs from personal, department, or school/college funds. This will allow more faculty members to benefit from the limited funds that are available to fund faculty travel.
  • The maximum Faculty Travel Grant award is $1600.
  • Only domestic travel within the 48 contiguous states is allowed (not Hawaii or Alaska).
  • Only one travel award is allowed per faculty member in a given award cycle (October 1 through September 30).
  • Faculty members may receive travel awards no more than once every two academic years. [NOTE: For the 2014-2015 year, those who received travel awards during 2013-14 will be eligible to apply, but will receive lower priority than those who have not previously received funding or did not receive funding last year.  After this year, the once-every-two-years will be a binding rule.]
  • Recipients are expected to share their newly acquired knowledge with colleagues in their department and/or school/college.
  • Faculty may request travel funds to only one destination/event per application.
  • Each applicant must provide evidence of cost-share and/or attempts to secure cost-share, including internal and external grants previously awarded, new faculty start-up packages, department/school/college funds, etc.
  • Faculty Travel Grants CANNOT be used to pay for conferences/workshops/seminars primarily related to research, grant funding, program accreditation, etc. You must be able to demonstrate a direct link between participation in the conference/workshop/seminar and teaching/learning-related activities at the university.
  • No more than two Faculty Travel Grants will be awarded to the same department for a particular conference/workshop/course (in order to maximize the benefits of the Professional Development Grant program across all units on campus).
  • No travel arrangements should be made until you have received formal notification that your Faculty Travel Grant request has been funded. Faculty Travel Grant requests for travel that has already been completed will be denied.
  • Any proposal that is incomplete or does not satisfy all guidelines will be ineligible for funding.  Applicants are responsible for providing complete supporting documentation for all travel expenses requested in application.  Applicants are also responsible for obtaining all required signatures (on application and TVL-1 form) prior to submission.

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

The ATL will not pre-pay any travel award expenses.  Awardees must pay for all travel-related expenses and claim reimbursement after completion of the travel. Award recipients must submit a completed and signed Travel Expense/Reimbursement Form (TVL-2) and required documentation to the Academy for Teaching and Learning (313 Dowdy) within 10 days of trip completion. Information regarding travel expense reimbursement policies and procedures will be included with your award letter.

Additional Information

  • Title III funding (the source for Faculty Travel Grant awards) becomes available October 1 at the earliest, but may be delayed beyond this date.
  • It is expected that demand for travel awards will exceed the supply of funds available. Committee members will take into account the items listed in the Travel Grant Application Review Process section above to rank applications and make funding decisions.
  • Available funds will be divided between the fall and spring/summer funding periods.