Graduate F.A.Q.s

Q) Is the MSIT program entirely on-line?

A) Yes, however since fall 2012, we offer on-campus classes as well.

Q) How do I get financial assistance from North Carolina A&T? 

A) Students who apply early and have a high GPA have a good chance to receive a teaching assistantship from the College of Science and Technology (CoST) and a tuition waiver from the graduate school.  Those who are selected will receive notification.  Additionally, students may identify potential research assistantship positions by contacting individual faculty directly.

Q) How do I get financial assistance from an external agency? 

A) There are many external fellowships available online.  Please search online for STEM fellowships for graduate students.  Also, please check the link on the School of Technology website for additional fellowship opportunities.


Q)  Can international students complete the degree program on-line from outside the US?

A)Yes, please contact the International Students and Scholars Office.


Q) Can international students who complete the program on campus take online courses?

A) They can only enroll in one online course per semester.

Q)  How can an international student obtain an I-20?

A) Please contact the International Students and Scholars Office concerning obtaining a student visa, etc.


Q) What is the difference between the MSIT and the MSTM programs?
A) The MSIT has a heavy focus on technical skills required to serve in and support an Information Technology organization.  The MSTM is a general degree that focuses on persons seeking management positions in technical firms.
     See: MSIT Handbook and MSTM Handbook

8) Do I need to take the GRE examination?
A) No, students are not required to complete the GRE examination prior to application for admission.  However, inclusion of these scores could improve chances for receiving unconditional admission into the program.

Q) When is the deadline for admission?
A) There is a rolling deadline for admission. The deadlines are posted on the graduate school website.  However, students who apply early will be considered for a teaching assistantship. (March 1 for Fall and September 1 for the Spring).

Q) How much does it cost?
A) The tuition costs can be found on the NCAT website under the link for the treasurer’s office.  The tuition and fees change each year and provide a different cost to out-of-state students than to in-state students.

Q) Can a student receive credit for work experience?
A) We typically do not provide course credit for professional work obtained in an IT-related field.  However, this experience should be useful when completing courses in the program.

Q) Can I receive transfer credit?
A) Students can receive a maximum of 12 credits hours of transfer credit.  A request must be made and approved once the student is enrolled in the program.


If you have additional questions, please contact:

MSIT:   Dr. Qing-An Zeng (

MSTM: Dr. Devang Mehta (


Dr. Clay Gloster (