Students walking by A&T Fountain

The Business Communication Center (304 Merrick Hall)

The Department of Business Education supports the Business Communication Center located at 304 Merrick Hall. The mission of the Center is to help students become more confident and effective communicators. Working with students one-on-one, we provide coaching and tutoring, promote professionalism, and encourage students to see the connection between effective communication skills and career enhancement. However, we are not an editing service. Instead, we teach students how to recognize problems with organization, development, syntax, grammar, and mechanics so that they may more effectively edit and enhance their own work.

Assistance Offered

Students of all disciplines, speaking abilities, and writing abilities are welcome to discuss their business-related writing and presentations with a trained communication consultant. Our services are free to all students in the College of Business and Economics. Students may visit us at 304 Merrick Hall to receive assistance. Students may also email work to for faculty review. (Note, work submitted via email will be reviewed within seven days.) Business majors may also visit the Business Communication Center through Blackboard for self-paced business writing and presentation modules.


Center hours vary from semester to semester. Appointments are not required; students may stop by at any time during the posted hours.


Students visiting the Center should bring a copy of the assignment, including any special instructions about format, organization, or documentation provided by their faculty member.

For more information, contact the Department of Business of Education
324 Merrick Hall, (336) 334-7657,, or