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Throughout your degree, you will have many questions and concerns. DO NOT HESITATE to contact your advisor and/or department chair. In the meantime, below are links to additional resources that will help you navigate your master’s degree experience at A&T.

You will receive many important email messages from the Registrar, Treasurer, Financial Aid and other campus offices at your student account ( Please make sure you check your school account EVERY DAY, even in the summer and during breaks, and delete your trash so you do not max your storage quota. They do no give you a lot of space, and once you max it out, you cannot receive more messages. Here is a link to more info about Aggie email...

All new students are required to have health insurance and to document their immunization records with the Sebastian Health Center. To motivate you to provide this information, a hold is placed on your registration until you submit the necessary paperwork. However, if you plan to take classes ONLY ONLINE, you can request that the immunization hold be removed from your account so you can register for classes. Contact the Health Center at 336-334-7880 or submit your records through the Online Student Portal, which you can access at this link…

Before registering for classes EVERY semester, all A&T students are required to log into Aggie Access Online to opt in/out of Aggie Alert, which is our campus emergency notification system. If you opt in, you will receive text messages when we close for inclement weather or experience other campus-wide situations. Since campus closures do not affect online courses, most of our online-only students chose to opt out. Either way, use these steps to clear your Aggie Alert hold every semester…

1.  Go to the A&T homepage, At the top of the page click on Current Students
2.  Click on Aggie Alert! (via Aggie Access). 
3.  Click on Enter Secure Area and type in your User ID and PIN. Your User ID is your Banner ID# (950XXXXXX), and your default PIN is your birthday in mmddyy format. Your PIN changes every semester just prior to registration to encourage you to speak with your advisor before enrolling in classes.
4.  Click on Aggie Alert Registration.  
5.  Follow the instructions on the screen. To opt in, enter a valid 10-digit mobile device, area code and mobile device telephone number (i.e., 3362560862). Do not enter special characters such as dashes and parenthesis since this will interfere with your ability to receive text messages. 
8.  Click Submit.

Make sure you follow your specific curriculum guide requirements and work closely with your academic advisor or department chair. Different concentration areas have VERY different requirements, including how the general education options fit the various categories, so it is critically important that you get advice from your advisor and/or chair (not from other students). If you are an online-only student, you also need to know that some courses are offered online only once a year. If you need a course as a prereq, and you do not take it when you should, you might extend your graduation date by a whole year! To avoid that, get good advice from us, plan ahead, register as early as possible every semester to ensure you get the sections you want, and do well in all your classes each semester. That is the secret to graduating on time! Here are links that help you with course registration…

Once your course schedule is set, you can search for your textbooks on the University Bookstore website. Note the authors, titles, and especially the ISBN numbers. Then compare prices with other options, such as, to find the best pricing and shipping. Here is the link to the bookstore...

You need an active Aggie email account in order to log into Blackboard, which is where all your online classes will live. It can take a day or so for your email account to get set up, and then another 72 hours for it to roll to Blackboard. You probably will not see your classes in Blackboard until the first day of the semester, but it is helpful to click around to learn the system. Bookmark this address... 

The University publishes academic calendars every semester that outline the most important dates and deadlines, such as drop/add, withdrawals, midterm, registration, etc. Please note these in your calendar so you are well prepared. Ignorance is NOT bliss when you miss out on this information! Bookmark this address, too…

If you are taking online courses (either part-time or full-time), make sure you are aware of the many resources available to you through the Office of Distance Learning… l

If you run into problems with anything tech-related, including email and Blackboard, contact the Aggie Help Desk IMMEDIATELY. Keep a record of your communication with them in case you have to prove a technical problem with one of your professors. The Help Desk info is here...


Please note that there are several courses in which you must earn a grade of C or better (not a C-). Some of these courses are university requirements (e.g., ENGL, MATH, etc.), some are prereqs for other courses (e.g., MGMT 220, ACCT 221, etc.), and others are program requirements (e.g., BUED 444, BUED 447, etc.). Although these critical courses are listed on the second page of your curriculum guide, we hope you will earn the best grades possible in everything you take, of course! That said, if you find yourself having academic difficulty, talk to your professor(s) right away! They are your best source of help with a course. We have tutoring services available for many courses, too. If you are not sure what to do, contact your advisor or department chair as soon as possible!

You can drop and add courses through the first week of each semester (except summer sessions), but after drop/add ends (always check the academic calendar to know when the deadlines are!), you are stuck with your schedule to the end of the semester. There are two other withdrawal dates each semester: (1) individual course withdrawal, which is usually a week or so after midterm grades are posted, and (2) complete university withdrawal, which is a week after that (again, always check the academic calendar for important dates and deadlines). The university limits the number of courses you can withdraw from to a grand total of just five throughout your total degree, so use them very wisely! If you withdraw from the university (in other words, if you withdraw from ALL of your courses in a single semester), you will need to reapply for admission the following semester. Talk with your advisor or chair as soon as possible to get that paperwork processed.

In addition to limiting the number of courses from which you can withdraw, the university also limits the number of courses you can repeat to a grand total of 18 credit hours (typically six courses). And you can repeat a single course only twice. On your third attempt, you must earn a passing grade. If you do not, you will need to either appeal to the Dean for special consideration, transfer in the course from somewhere else, or request a course substitution -- none of which are easy things to do, so do well the first time to avoid these hassles!


Information about taking online classes...

Student resources for Blackboard... 

Frequently asked questions...

Finally, you probably know this already, but it is critically important to stay on top of things and have a good time management system. Please communicate frequently with your professors and do not hesitate to ask questions! You will be assigned an academic advisor, but our department office is always available to assist you as well. We are here for you when you need us! Keep us posted! :-)


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