Educator Preparation Overview


Our mission is to prepare educational professionals who use research-based pedagogical strategies to create engaging, responsive, and rigorous learning environments for students from diverse backgrounds.  To achieve this goal, faculty immerse candidates in their scholarship of teaching and  learning and scholarship of engagement to model the importance of inquiry, professional development, and reflective practice.


Our graduates will be educational professionals committed to continuous learning and dedicated to creating responsive and relevant learning environments that facilitate the empowerment of all learners.

Our Commitment

The role of the department of Educator Preparation is to prepare a cadre of well-qualified, highly knowledgeable (Pre) K-12 educational professionals who are committed not only to creating responsive learning communities that empowers all learners but also are dedicated to educating their communities for the uplift of all mankind.

Program Outcomes

The Department of Educator Preparation engages in a process of continuous improvement to achieve the following programmatic outcomes:

  • The department will achieve excellence and recognition for high quality teaching and learning, including the achievement of national accreditation.
  • The department will meet or exceed the University’s goals for research/creative productivity, enrollment, retention, degree completion, and placement of graduates in jobs or graduate education.
  • The department will contribute appropriately to intellectual climate and creative exchange, professionalism, civic engagement, inclusiveness, cultural awareness, and respect for diversity.