Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice

Welcome to the most dynamic department at North Carolina A&T State University. 

The mission of the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice is to educate students about government, politics, criminology, and the criminal justice system.  It seeks to engage them in critical discourse and research on political, justice, and social issues.  It also strives to prepare them for advanced study and careers in government and the private sector. 

The Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice offers a vast array of interesting and challenging courses, curricular and extra-curricular activities for its students, and the most talented faculty on campus.  It has accomplished and talented instructors in political science, the legal profession, law enforcement, criminal justice, and forensic science-crime scene investigation. 

The Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice is a student-centered department of scholar-activists, offering undergraduate degrees in two of the most popular fields of study in the country.  It also provides the opportunity for students to earn a certificate in one of the most attractive fields in criminal justice, forensic science-crime scene investigation (CSI).  Students may also minor in these three areas.  Furthermore, students have access to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Laboratory and can learn how to design, administer, and analyze surveys by working with the Political Science and Criminal Justice Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing Laboratory (CATI).

In addition to offering some of the most exciting courses at the University, the department provides a number of extra-curricular outlets to its students.  Led by its students, the department holds viewing and watch parties, karaoke nights, spoken word and other artistic performances, town hall meetings, panel discussions, etc. 

Our student groups and organizations include the Pre-Law Society, mock trial teams, and Model United Nations.  We have Aggie Sleuths where students simulate real-life activities as crime scene investigators.  We also have a chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha (the national political science honor society), and a chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma (the national criminal justice honor society).  Of course, the department houses the Political Science Society and the Criminal Justice Society.

The Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice is staffed with outstanding and caring faculty who work tirelessly to ensure the success of their students.  No other academic unit at North Carolina A&T State University does a better job of preparing students for law school.  More graduates from the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice go onto law school and graduate from law school than graduates from other departments.

No other academic unit is as committed to the comprehensive wellbeing and success of its students.  We have in place mechanisms to enhance student learning and mentorship.  The department works hard to provide avenues for students to do well in class and stay connected to other students who have experienced academic success.  It also affords students networking and socializing events with professionals in their desired fields.  Moreover, students can engage in internships and can do a ride along with police officers.

If you are looking for an academic unit that places the whole of the student at the heart of all decisions and actions, then look no further than the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice.  If you are looking for a major that puts you on the path to financial security and occupational satisfaction, then you have come to the right place.  If you are looking for a department that employs some of the best and brightest instructors and researchers, then you have arrived at your final destination.  If you wish to meet with faculty, students, or examine our resources, then the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice is pleased to welcome you for a visit.

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