Minor in Speech Communication Studies

Acquiring a Minor is Speech Communication will increase a students’ knowledge of how, why and with what costs people exchange messages. Understanding how communication shapes societies and cultures will add value to anyone in any career field. A Minor is Speech-Communication Studies requires 18 credit hours.  The lists below are the courses students may take to complete the Minor Degree.

SPCH 250:

Speech Fundamentals (Required)

SPCH 251: 

Public Speaking (Required)

SPCH 314: 

Intercultural Communication


SPCH 316:

Interpersonal Communication

SPCH 401:

Argumentation and Debate


SPCH 335: 

Rhetoric of American Thought

SPCH 410: 

Ethical Issues in Communication


SPCH 502: 

Bargaining and Negotiation

SPCH 552: 

Persuasive Comm (Required)

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Speech-Communication Studies

To graduate with a degree in Speech-Communication Studies, a student must earn a total of 120 Credit Hours.  The General Education Course requirement is 45 Credit hours.  The Speech-Communication Studies Program is designed to be tailored for each individual student.  With the assistance of the student’s assigned advisor; the customizing-component to this degree program promotes a concentration in a specific subject area thus allowing diversity of study and marketability after graduation.  The concentration is accomplished through 15-18 elective credit hours of in a particular discipline and an additional 6 credit hours in elective speech courses.  The lists below are the major courses specifically for the Speech-Communication Studies Major, of which 51 credit hours is required.


SPCH 102       Language Skills Communication (3)

SPCH 250       Speech Fundamentals (3) 

SPCH 251       Public Speaking (3)



SPCH 301       Social Science Research Methods (3)

SPCH 314       Intercultural Communication (3)

SPCH 400       Rhetoric/American Thought (3)


SPCH 408       Business & Prof Communication (3)

SPCH 410       Ethical Issues (3)

SPCH 461       Small Group Communication (3)

SPCH 316       Interpersonal Communication (3)

SPCH 401       Argumentation & Debate (3)

SPCH 565       Speech Writing (3)


SPCH 552       Persuasive Communication (3)

SPCH 502       Bargaining & Negotiation (3)

JOMC 555      Organizational Communication (3)

SPCH 575       Internship Capstone (3)

SPCH 580       Independent Study (Research) (3)

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Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

To graduate with a degree in Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology, a student must earn a total of 127 Credit Hours.  The General Education Course requirement is 44 Credit hours.  The Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology course of study is designed to prepare aspiring speech pathologists or audiologists for a graduate program in communication sciences and disorders.  A master’s degree is required to practice in this career field.  The lists below are the major courses specifically for the Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology Major, of which 62 credit hours is required.


SPCH 259       Intro to Speech-Language Pathology (3)


SPCH 319       Development of Speech-Language in Children (3)

SPCH 379       Anatomy & Physiology. of Speech & Hearing (3)

SPCH 381       Diagnostic Tests & Measurements in SLP (3)

SPCH 424       Practicum Diagnostics in Communication Disorders (1)

SPCH 382       Observations in Communication Disorders (3)

SPCH 309       Phonetics (3)


SPCH 250       Speech Fundamentals (3)

SPCH 269       Intro to Audiology (3)

SPCH 509       Intro to Organics & Neuro in Communication Disorders (3)

SPCH 426       Voice and Fluency Disorders (3)

SPCH 483       Language Disorders (3)

SPCH 522       Aural Rehabilitation (3)

SPCH 484       Phonetics & Articulation Disorders (3)


SPCH 529       Case Studies in Development Disorders (3)

SPCH 521       Communication Disorders in Infants & Toddlers (3)

SPCH 587       Computer Apps in Communication Sciences & Disorders (3)

SPCH 530       Case Studies in Acquired Disorders (3)

SPCH 478       Speech & Hearing Science (3)

SPED 350       Intro to Exceptional Children (3)

HEFS 310       Intro to Human Development (3)

SPCH 116       Voice and Diction (1)

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