B.S. Landscape Architecture

Landscape architects shape the world we live in. Noted three times in the last five years as a “Best Career” in U.S. News & World Report, and with demand predicted to grow by 16 percent according the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is fast-growing and in high demand. Our graduates are always eagerly recruited by government and private employers. 

When majoring in landscape architecture, you will learn how to blend science, engineering, and artistic expression to develop sustainable, livable, and inspiring environments.  Our graduates are part of a community of visionary, creative, and influential professionals, who are making a positive impact on important global issues, including climate change, impending food shortages, and decreasing biodiversity.  

Landscape architects design a variety of settings, including large regional conservation areas, urban neighborhoods, and the small residential backyard. 

You can see the work of landscape architects everywhere you go. It touches the places you live, work, and play including:  playgrounds + parks + streets + Olympic sites + public squares + waterfront developments + schoolyards + golf courses + theme parks + national parks + wetlands + environmental reserves + gardens + courtyards+ campuses + industrial parks + heritage landscapes + historic monuments + healing gardens + cemeteries + botanic gardens + sensory gardens + community gardens + agricultural land + mining reclamation + reservoirs + highway +  transport corridors + bridges + new housing + new towns + urban regeneration, and more.

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Dr. Carter Crawford

Dr. T. Carter Crawford
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator
Phone (336) 285 4840