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Understanding Your Award - The goal of the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) is to assist in financing as much of your cost to attend NC A&T State University within eligibility. The OSFA recognizes that some students are not able to meet the entire cost to attend the University. The Financial Aid Award Information Guide was developed to provide you with information on programs, policies and procedures. It is very important that you read this document in full to become familiar with programs, policies and guidelines relating to your award. Some awards are based upon eligibility which is calculated using the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The University reserves the right to change without notice any award due to federal, state and or institutional changes in policies, procedures or regulations.

Your award notification indicates the types and dollar amounts of aid awarded. You have the right to accept or decline all or a portion of your award. All students must accept or decline the aid awarded on Aggie Access Online. Declining a specific award does not mean that it will be replaced with additional funds. Accepting your award is an acknowledgement that you have read and will abide by all the rules and regulations of each program awarded.

It is recommended that you check your NC A&T email account (aggies email accounts ) and Aggie Access on a regular basis to ensure you remain informed regarding your financial aid awards and other pertinent information. [Back to Top]

Your Award Package
Your award letter may include grants and scholarships. These awards are considered “gift award” free money and do not require repayment. Grants and Scholarships do not require your acceptance on Aggie Access. They will automatically be accepted on your behalf. If you are receiving aid and/or scholarships not listed on your award letter, you must notify the Office of Student Financial Aid. This may result in an adjustment to your award package.

Your Award Package may also include work study and loan. Work study requires you to be work and receive a pay check for the hours employed and and/or loans which must be repaid with principle and interest. [Back to Top]

Adjustments to your Financial Aid Award
The Office of Student Financial Aid makes every effort to provide you with timely and accurate information regarding your award. We also reserve the right to modify or cancel your financial aid award at any time during the academic year. You will be notified via your NCAT email if a revision is made to your award.

Common reasons for award being adjusted are residency changes, enrollment level changes, receipt of additional aid and changes to family income to name a few. Your actual enrollment will not be verified until the end of add/drop period. [Back to Top]

Federal Direct Loans Requirement
If awarded a Federal Direct Loan, all students must accept, reduce or cancel their loan award on Aggie Access On-line. New students who are awarded a Federal Direct Loan will not have their loan funds disbursed until 30 days after the semester begins.

Requirements before a Federal Direct Loan can be disbursed to a first time borrower:

(1) You must complete the Entrance Counseling Session at
(2) You must electronically sign a Master Promissory Note (on-line) at
(3) You must accept, reduce or decline your Federal Direct Loan on Aggie Access On-Line.

Work-Study Awards
If you are awarded Federal work-study, a week before classes you will receive an email notification informing you of the Federal Work Study Workshops time and location. During the workshop you will be assigned a position on or off campus. Work-study students are paid bi-weekly at an hourly rate of at least $8.00 per hour. Work Study students generally work 10 -15 hours per week. [Back to Top]

Cost, Billing and Payments
Now that you have received your award letter, the next question is “How much do I owe? You will be billed each semester for one-half of the university yearly charges. Students who reside off-campus will be billed for tuition and fees only. Students and parents should view the Fee sheet to obtain the semester cost.

Need help calculating your balance? A “How to Calculate Your Semester Balance” sheet was developed to assist you. You will need to view fee sheet for your cost. Please remember, this is only an estimate. You may have additional charges that are not reflected on the fee sheet.

E-Bills – The University will provide billing statements electronically. (Paper bills will no longer be mailed). Students and their assigned authorized bill payer will receive an email notification when a new billing statement is available online.

Tuition Pay - The University offers an installment payment plan that provides an opportunity to pay tuition, fees, room and board charges for the semester in up to 5 payments for one semester and 10 payments for the academic year. There is a fee to sign up for the tuition pay plan. You may apply at beginning June or you may contact them at 1-800-635-0120 for additional information. [Back to Top]

Disbursement Procedures
Student Refunds Process - All financial aid funds, except Federal Work Study, will be disbursed in two payments to your student account by the Treasurer Office. One half of your award will be disbursed during the fall semester and the remaining during the spring unless otherwise noted. If your financial aid is in excess of the amount owed to the university, the refund will be deposited into your bank account if you sign up for direct deposit or a check will be mailed to you. [Back to Top]

Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress
SAP - All students must attend classes. Aid will be adjusted or canceled for students who fail to attend class(es). Students must also pass 67% of the hours attempted and earn a certain grade point average to continue receiving financial aid. [Back to Top]

The office of student financial aid understands that students must withdraw from the university for various reasons. Withdrawing could result in you having to repay all or portion of your financial aid back to the university. [Back to Top]

Other Useful Information
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Best wishes to you for a successful year at NC A&T State University.

The Financial Aid Staff

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