Endowment Scholarships

The following is a listing of endowments that are available to North Carolina A&T State University students. This listing of scholarships may not fully represent all scholarships available to date, as new scholarships are added annually. Please be aware that the availability of scholarships is contingent upon the generous funding of our donors. 

Applying for Endowment Scholarships

To be considered for the scholarships listed below you should complete the Endowment Scholarship Application beginning in January of each year. Please review the criteria for each award as the processes will vary. Only one application is necessary to apply for the majority of these scholarships unless otherwise specified. Where indicated a separate applications may be required.

Thank You Letter

The endowed scholarships are funded through generous contributions made by our alumni, industry partners and friends of the University. It is important to acknowledge those contributions that help ease the financial burden of attending college for so many students.  The goal of a thank you letter to your donor is to thank them for the generous contribution to your education and to share a little about yourself so that your donors can learn about you. Please review the Guidelines for Writing a Thank You Letter for additional information.

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