Undergraduate Programs

N.C. A&T offers 177 undergraduate degrees through eight colleges and schools, with an option to participate in our honors program or study abroad.

Use our program finder to discover what you can study. See a list of degrees below in agriculture and environmental sciences, arts and sciences, business and economics, education, engineering, nursing and technology; or contact an admissions counselor to discuss beginning your journey to a place of distinction at N.C. A&T.

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School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

  • B.S. Agricultural and Environmental Systems (Agribusiness and Food Industry Management ) [SLO]
  • B.S. Agricultural and Environmental Systems (Environmental Studies) [SLO]
  • B.S. Agricultural and Environmental Systems (Sustainable Land Management) [SLO]
  • B.S. Agricultural and Environmental Systems (Urban and Community Horticulture) [SLO]
  • B.S. Agricultural Education (Ag Professional Service) [SLO]
  • B.S. Agricultural Education (Secondary Education) [SLO]
  • B.S. Animal Science [SLO]
  • B.S. Animal Science (Animal Industry) [SLO]
  • B.S. Biological Engineering [SLO]
  • B.S. Child Development and Family Studies (Child Development and Family Relations) [SLO]
  • B.S. Child Development and Family Studies (Early Education & Family Studies -  B-K Licensure) [SLO]
  • B.S. Family and Consumer Sciences (Consumer Science) [SLO]
  • B.S. Family And Consumer Sciences (Fashion Merch & Design) [SLO]
  • B.S. Food And Nutritional Sciences (Dietetics) [SLO]
  • B.S. Food And Nutritional Sciences (Dietetics Pre-medicine Nutrition) [SLO]
  • B.S. Food And Nutritional Sciences (Food Science) [SLO]
  • B.S. Laboratory Animal Science [SLO]
  • B.S. Landscape Architecture [SLO]

College of Arts and Sciences

  • BA English (concentration options in African-American Literature, Creative Writing, or Technical Writing) [SLO]
  • BA History [SLO]
  • BA Liberal Studies (concentration options in African-American Studies; Business; Cultural Change & Social Development; Dance; Interdisciplinary; International Studies; Pre-Law; Race, Class & Culture; or Women's Studies) [SLO]
  • BA Music (concentration options in General or Performance) [SLO]
  • BA Political Science [SLO]
  • BA Psychology [SLO]
  • BS Sociology [SLO]
  • BA Speech (concentration options in Speech Communication Studies or Speech Language Pathology and Audiology) [SLO]
  • BA Visual Arts, Design [SLO]
  • BFA Professional Theatre [SLO]
  • BS Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology [SLO]
  • BS Biology [SLO]
  • BS Chemistry [SLO]
  • BS Criminal Justice [SLO]
  • BS Journalism and Mass Communication (concentration options in Broadcast Production, Electronic Media and Journalism, Media Management, Print Journalism, or Public Relations) [SLO]
  • BS Mathematics [SLO]
  • BS Physics (concentration options in Engineering Physics, Environmental Geophysics, Interdisciplinary Physics, or Space Science) [SLO]
  • BS Secondary Education (concentration options in Art Education, Biology Education, Chemistry Education, English Education, History Education, Mathematics Education, Music Education, or Physics Education) [SLO]
  • BSW Social Work [SLO]


School of Business and Economics

  • BS Accounting [SLO]
  • BS Business Education (concentration options in Information Technology or Business Teacher Education) [SLO]
  • BS Economics [SLO]
  • BS Finance [SLO]
  • BS Management (concentration options in Entrepreneurship or Management Information Systems) [SLO]
  • BS Marketing (concentration option in Sales) [SLO]
  • BS Supply Chain Management [SLO]


School of Education

  • BS Elementary Education [SLO]
  • BS Sport Science and Fitness Management [SLO]


College of Engineering

  • BS Architectural Engineering [SLO]
  • BS Biological Engineering [SLO]
  • BS Chemical Engineering [SLO]
  • BS Civil Engineering [SLO]
  • BS Computer Engineering [SLO]
  • BS Computer Science [SLO]
  • BS Electrical Engineering [SLO]
  • BS Industrial Engineering [SLO]
  • BS Mechanical Engineering [SLO]


School of Nursing

School of Technology

  • BS Applied Engineering Technology [SLO]
  • BS Construction Management [SLO]
  • BS Electronics Technology [SLO]
  • BS Environmental Health & Safety [SLO]
  • BS Geomatics [SLO]
  • BS Graphic Communication Systems [SLO]
  • BS Motorsports Technology [SLO]

[SLO] - To review the student learning outcomes for the following programs, click [SLO] icon.