High School Students Visiting School of Technology

Prospective Students

Welcome prospective students to the School of Technology.  We encourage you to check out our majors.  Whether you are graduating from high school, interested in graduate programs or are considered a transfer student, we have a degree to start you on your way to a rewarding career. Technology is all around us,  and companies are in need of those who are skilled to become the technology leaders of tomorrow.  We offer majors that will prepare you to be innovative in solving technical solutions, large project management, keeping workplaces safe, surveying land, and much more. 

In addition, we understand that students will always have questions about what is the right program of study for them. For these students we have compiled three lists below. First, a list of our undergraduate programs and the next two lists are undergraduate and graduate frequently asked questions (FAQs). Please review  these documents and consider what is the right School of Technology program 'fit' for you.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate FAQs

Graduate FAQs

We encourage you to apply.  For more information, please contact us in the School of Technology.