Computer Systems Technology Majors

These programs will enable students to apply basic engineering principles, technical, and management skills to secure application-oriented technical and management positions in today's industrial environment.  Specifically, this program is designed to prepare students for various engineering support and management functions for research, production, operations, and applications to specific engineering specialties. 


Links of Importance

These programs will enhance proficiencies in the following areas:

  • Planning, organizing and managing technology, people, and resources;
  • Applying and controlling the use of various high-level technologies, e.g., information based business management systems, such as, enterprise resource planning systems, supply chain management systems, manufacturing execution systems, etc.;
  • Mastering the technical skills such as industrial materials and processing, computer aided drafting, design and manufacturing; computer-integrated manufacturing; machine vision, power technology; automation technologies such as robotics, PLC, CNC machines; graphic communications systems and telecommunications;
  • Controlling processes to improve quality, reliability, and productivity.
  • Managing human resource and developing a changing workplace to achieve organizational goals.
  • Problem solving and creative thinking skills.
  • Technology innovation and implementation.


  • Storage Technology
  • Wireless Systems
  • Mainframe Computing
  • High Performance Computing
  • Computer Engineering Technology
  • Information Management
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Security
  • Networking

Aprox. Salary

  • Project Manager (IT) - $80,000 median
  • IT Consultant - $68,000 median
  • Network Engineer - $67,000 median
  • Systems Administrator - $56,000 median


Contact Information:
Department: Computer Systems Technology
Department Chair: Clay Gloster
Phone: 336-334-7717