Welcome to the home of the Geomatics program at North Carolina A&T State University.  Our program is housed in the School of Technology under the Department of Built Environment and is the only four year program in Geomatics in the state of North Carolina.

So what is Geomatics?  It is a broad term that covers about any area of study and professional practice that uses measurements to determine locations on the earth's surface.  For a comprehensive overview of the area of Geomatics (aka Surveying) check out the Be a Surveyor website.  You will be able to study and work in the areas of photogrammetry, traditional boundary surveying, construction, hydrography, geodesy, geographic information systems (GIS), forensic surveying, manufacturing, and about any other area that uses measurements.

The program in Geomatics is the only four-year program in the state of North Carolina that prepares students for professional licensure. The program is unique in design, allowing an easy transition for students coming from community college survey and civil technology programs, traditional campus students, as well as providing an opportunity for distance learning through upper-level on-line classes.

The curriculum has an emphasis in the areas of math, science, technology, and geospatial analysis. Courses included are Land Surveying, Boundary and Survey Law, Photogrammetry, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Route Surveying, Automation, Geodetic Science, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Adjustment Computations.  Geomatics has applications in all disciplines that depend on spatial data, including, surveying, civil engineering, mapping sciences, geographic information systems (GIS), geodesy, photogrammetry, and remote sensing. It is an integrated approach to the measurement, analysis, management, storage and display of descriptive, geographically-referenced earth-base data. This data comes from many sources including earth orbiting satellites, air and sea-borne sensors, and ground-based instruments.