Faculty and Staff Directory

Department of Built Environment

Department Office: 336-334-7590
Fax: 336-334-7433

Robert Pyle, Department Chair
Office: 336-285-3121    Email: pyler@ncat.edu

Christian Bock-Hyeng, Associate Professor
Office: 336-285-3124    Email: cbhyeng@ncat.edu

Horlin Carter, Associate Professor
Office: 336-285-3101    Email: carterh@ncat.edu

Tamara Dix, Project Coordinator
Office: 336-285-3125    Email: tndix@ncat.edu

Peggy Fersner, Adjunct Associate Professor
Office: 336-285-3126    Email: fersner@ncat.edu

Tony Graham, Associate Professor
Office: 336-285-3100 Email: tgraham@ncat.edu

Jacqueline Harris, Administrative Support
Office: 336-256-1148 Email: jlharri2@ncat.edu

Jerry Nave, Assistant Professor
Office: 336-285-3127 Email: jwnave@ncat.edu

Andrea Ofori-Boadu, Adjunct Instructor
Office: 336-285-3128 Email: andreao@ncat.edu

Dilip Shah, Associate Professor
Office: 336-285-3129 Email: dilip@ncat.edu

Musibau Shofoluwe, Professor
Office: 336-285-3130 Email: musibaus@ncat.edu

Syrulwa Somah, Associate Professor
Office: 336-285-3102 Email: somah@ncat.edu

Deloris Sturdivant, Administrative Support
Office: 336-285-3122 Email: dgsturdi@ncat.edu

Michael Taggart, Assistant Professor
Office: 336-285-3132 Email: mdtaggart@ncat.edu

Lewis Waller, Assistant Professor
Office: 336-285-3132 Email: lw985723@ncat.edu

Frank Yeboah,
Assistant Professor
Office: 336-285-3133 Email: feyeboah@ncat.edu