Department of Leadership Studies Features


Mission and Program Outcomes

The doctoral program in leadership studies prepares tomorrow’s leaders to solve societal challenges through the study of theoretical and practical knowledge in leadership studies. Through its commitment to civic engagement, transformative research and creative scholarship the program produces critically minded scholars who are social justice advocates capable of transforming organizations to maximize human potential.

Program Outcomes

• Outcome 1: Ph. D. candidates will demonstrate understanding of major leadership theories in Leadership Studies, and the ability to analyze and critique these theories, and apply these theories in diverse settings.

• Outcome 2: Ph. D. candidates will effectively demonstrate decision making skills and a repertoire of knowledge needed to lead, organize, and engage diverse local, national, and global communities.

• Outcome 3: Ph.D. candidates will be able to use a range of perspectives from interdisciplinary fields of study particularly to provide leadership that addresses societal challenges.

• Outcome 4: Ph. D. candidates will articulate an understanding of the role of ethics in leadership, and develop ethical reasoning as well as reflection skills that promote social justice.

• Outcome 5: Ph. D. candidates will demonstrate the ability to design, analyze, critique, and conduct research using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research techniques.