The School Counseling Program has the following objectives:

  1. To provide a graduate program in school counseling designed for the preparation of counselors and other personnel service specialists.
  2. To provide within the framework of the total program, opportunities for the student to develop understandings and skills to function effectively as an entry-level counselor.
  3. To encourage the spirit of inquiry and the production and utilization of research data among both faculty and students.
  4. To provide opportunities for planned periodic self-evaluation and the development of greater self-understanding as well as the qualities of openness, tolerance, and acceptance for self and others.
  5. To make information concerning major aspects of the counselor education program and faculty available in a variety of media for prospective students.
  6. To make a continuing evaluation through systematic review of students as they progress through the program to ensure the professional qualification of each student.  

Students in school counseling will demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and application in:

  1. Classroom guidance and instruction        
  2. Developing and coordinating student support activities, including assessment and the use of diagnostic information
  3. Managing counseling programs to meet the academic, personal, and social needs of students
  4. Developing consultation skills suitable for working with all members of
  5. The school and community environments – students, parents/families, teachers, administrators, as well as community agencies
  6. Establishing and maintaining individual and group counseling relationships
  7. The ethical standards of the American Counseling Association, (ACA)
  8. Preparing individuals for positions as school counselors