Suggested Electives for Mental Health Counseling

Presentations for ElectivesStudents are encouraged to take their elective coursework within the Department of Human Development and Services when possible. Courses in Rehabilitation Counseling, School Counseling, Adult Education, and School Administration are readily available to Mental Health Counseling - Clinical counseling students. In addition, graduate level classes in other academic units are also available. All electives are selected in consultation with a student’s assigned faculty advisor. A sample selection of available electives is shown below. Adherence to course prerequisites is necessary. For a complete listing of all courses with descriptions, please visit the NCAT Graduate Catalog.

Marriage and Family Counseling

HDSV 754 - Advanced Theory and Practice in Family Counseling
HDSV 756 - Counseling Couples
HDSV 774 - Counseling Poor and Ethnically Diverse Families
HDSV 753 - Counseling Children and Adolescents
HDSV 757 - Special Topics in Marriage and Family Counseling
HDSV 769 - Marriage and Family Counseling and Addictions

Career Development

TECH 671 - Methods and Techniques for Workplace Training Development
HDSV 775 - Job Development and Placement
TECH 600 - Career Development and Work-Based Learning
TECH 661 - Workforce Development Program Planning and Management
TECH 664 - Occupational Exploration for Middle Grades

Substance Abuse

HDSV 665 - Foundations and Theories of Addiction
HDSV 767 - Psychopathology and Addictions
HDSV 769 - Marriage and Family Counseling in Addictions

College Counseling

ADED 709 - The Community College and Postsecondary Education
ADED 778 - Student Personnel Services
HDSV 753 - Counseling Children and Adolescents
HDSV 775 - Job Development and Placement

Other General Electives

HDSV 612 - Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling
HDSV 738 - Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
HDSV 743 - Medical Aspects of Disability
HDSV 764 - Case Management
SOCI 674 - Evaluation of Social Programs
SOCI 669 - Small Groups
SOCI 701 - Seminar in Cultural Factors in Communication
PSYC 645 - Behavior Modification
SPED 661 - Psychology of the Exceptional Child
SPED 667 - Specific Learning Disabilities
SPED 748 - Diagnostic Assessment and IEP Development

Special Topics Electives

The department also periodically offers special topics courses (HDSV751) related to focused areas in counseling. A sampling of these courses can be found below. Students are permitted to take no more than two special topics courses as electives during their matriculation.

Counseling Women and Adolescent Females
Spirituality and Counseling
Counseling Wellness
Grief Counseling
Play Therapy
Sign Language