Admission Information for the Marriage & Family Counseling Certificate

Current Students: You must be a currently enrolled student in the Mental Health Counseling - Clinical, Rehabilitation, or School counseling programs at North Carolina A & T to apply for the certificate. Students must be in good standing. Interested students are asked to complete an Application for Admission to the Certificate in Marriage and Family Counseling. Application information can be found by accessing the Graduate School website.

Current students are invited to apply to the MFC Certificate program during the third semester of their counseling matriculation. Depending on your plan of study, it may be possible to utilize MFC coursework to fulfill some elective degree requirements. Please discuss this with your faculty advisor.

Former Students: Recent graduates of the Mental Health Counseling - Clinical, Rehabilitation, or School Counseling programs at NC A & T are also eligible to apply. Graduates must apply through the Graduate School application process to be readmitted as a student. Please visit the NCAT Graduate School website and select the tab for prospective students to locate application information. Please check Marriage and Family Certificate on your Graduate School application.

All students will be notified in writing of admission decisions approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the application deadline. If there are any questions about this process, please contact the Mental Health Counseling - Clinical Coordinator.

Thank you for your interest in our certificate program. We hope you will consider joining us!