Required Curriculum

The Master of Science in Adult Education has a minimum requirement of 36 credit hours of course work. Within the 36 minimum hours, the following should be included: 

Core Courses
(In Sequence of Completion) 
ADED 707 – Foundations of Adult Education
ADED 709 – Adult Development and Learning
ADED 700 – History & Philosophy of Adult Education
ADED 708 – Teaching Methods in Adult Education
ADED 701 – Organization, Administration, and Supervision of Adult Education Programs  

Research Course
ADED 716 - Qualitative Research in Adult Education *To be taken within first year

Concentration Courses (Non-thesis Option)
Higher Education

Community College Teaching  

Practicum Course
ADED 702 – Practicum in Teaching Adults (100 contact hours or more)
*To be taken after core, research, and concentration courses completed 

Comprehensive Examination

ADED 788 
[This section reflects policy revisions that are currently under review and will be effective when the proposed policy revision is approved] 
All non-thesis option majors must successfully complete the comprehensive examination. Students can attempt the comprehensive examination after completion of core and research courses. Students may only attempt the comprehensive examination twice. After the second failure, the student will be dismissed from the MS in Adult Education program. 

Thesis Option
In lieu of taking the comprehensive examination, thesis candidates will defend their complete research before their respective advisory committee. The advisory committee chair must be a full member of the graduate faculty in the MS in Adult Education program. In addition, the following courses should be included: 

ADED 705 – Thesis Research in Adult Education
HDSV 770 – Applied Research
3 Approved electives relevant to the student’s thesis