Required Curriculum

The Master of Science in Adult and Continuing Education curriculum includes the following:

For both the Research Concentration and Practice Concentration, with the exception of Community College Teaching, twenty-one Core credit hours are required to be taken in this sequence:

ADED707 - Foundations of Adult Education

ADED716 - Qualitative Research Methods

ADED708 - Methods in Adult Education

ADED709 - Adult Development and Learning

ADED700 - History and Philosophy of Adult Education

ADED701 - Organization, Administration and Supervision of Adult Education Programs

ADED702 - Practicum in Teaching Adults (50 contact hours or more)

For the Community College Teaching concentration within the Practice Concentration track, twenty-one core credit hours are required:

ADED 718 - Adult Learner: Andragogical Principles

ADED 719 - Assessment and Evaluation

ADED 708 - Methods in Adult Education

ADED 709 - Adult Development and Learning

ADED 776 - Principles of Community College Teaching

ADED 716 - Qualitative Research in Adult Education

ADED 720 - Workforce Training and Experiential Learning

The remainder of the program consists of the research concentration (thesis option) and the practice concentrations (non-thesis option). Each of these options consists of at least fifteen (15) credit hours. In the practice concentrations, courses are selected from adult education and other available interdisciplinary electives. These include a minimum of fifteen (15) credit hours. Majors following the concentration option (non-thesis) must successfully complete the comprehensive examination. All learners must complete a practicum.

Research Concentration (Thesis Option):
In lieu of taking the master's comprehensive examination, thesis candidates will defend their completed research before their respective faculty advisory committee.

HDSV770 - Applied Research or Comparable Research Design Course

ADED705 - Thesis Research in Adult Education (6) Approved Electives (6)

ADED716 - Qualitative Research Methods (3)

Elective - Three hours of an elective relevant to the student thesis