Instructional Technology

Practice Concentrations (Non-Thesis Option): 

In consultation with his or her advisor, non-thesis participants individually develop practice concentrations within adult education consisting of a minimum of 15 graduate credit hours. Participants may develop unique concentrations from among graduate courses offered university-wide, or may elect to pursue one of four designated concentrations. The courses presented represent the recommended courses for the following concentration:

Instructional Technology:

A concentration in Instructional Technology is organized to help learners in both business and education acquire skills and the knowledge needed to work with instructional design and delivery at any level. Coursework is offered to address different professional goals and interests within the field. For example, the use of media, instructional planning, and the delivery of instruction in a variety of settings will help the learner to become more proficient as an instructional designer.

Future Job Opportunities: facilitator for training and development in business and industry, department of public instruction, governmental agencies, trainers for business and industry, program designers, curriculum and development specialists, and managerial positions.

CUIN 612 - Instructional Design

CUIN 617 - Computers in Education

CUIN 712 - Advanced Internet Uses in Education

CUIN 740 - Distance Education

One Elective from Below

CUIN 714 - Instructional Technology Services for Business and Industry

CUIN 716 - Multimedia Development and Evaluation

CUIN 741 - Educational Software Evaluation and Design

CUIN 742 - Authoring Software