Community College Teaching

Practice Concentration (Non-Thesis Option):

In consultation with his or her advisor, non-thesis participants individually develop practice concentrations within adult education consisting of a minimum of 15 graduate credit hours. Participants may develop unique concentrations from among graduate courses offered university-wide, or may elect to pursue one of four designated concentrations. The courses presented represent the recommended courses for the following concentration:

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The Community College Teaching Concentration is unique in its set of Core Credit Classes. Students working on a Community College Teaching Concentration will take 21 core credit hours in the following classes and an additional 18 elective hours in a discipline of their choosing:

ADED 718 - Adult Learner: Androgological Principles
ADED 719 - Assessment and Evaluation
ADED 708 - Methods in Adult Education
ADED 709 - Adult Development and Learning
ADED 776 - Principles of Community College Teaching
ADED 716 - Qualitative Research in Adult Education
ADED 720 - Workforce Training and Experiential Learning

Students choose one of five disciplines for community college teaching and complete electives in these areas: Business Education, Biology, English, History, or Manufacturing Systems.