Signature Programs

DreamKeepers Living and Learning Community

The DreamKeepers Living and Learning Community is designed for first-year new students at North Carolina A&T State University who declare a major in education (i.e., elementary education, secondary education, childhood education).  Only 30 students are selected to participate in this program each academic year.  The DreamKeepers Living and Learning Community provides a structured academic, social, and professional experience for new students entering the campus as prospective teacher education candidates.  The Living and Learning Community creates a space for these students to actively engage in learning together and from each other while residing in a common residence hall.  The structure of the Living and Learning Community encourages relationship building, service learning, and personal and intellectual growth.  During the first academic year, participants in the DreamKeepers program enroll in the same section of several courses; additionally, students participate in leadership development activities sponsored by the Office of Student Development.

Program Contact: Dr. Anthony Graham, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, 270 Proctor Hall, (336) 334-7848,

iLEAD Peer Mentoring Program

The iLEAD Peer Mentoring Program is a peer advising program that assists incoming freshman and transfer education majors become acclimated to the University and helps them matriculate successfully through the program. The peer advising program is geared to not only support incoming students but also to serve as a mentoring program throughout our candidates' years at the University from their senior year of college to their first year of teaching. The iLEAD program selects qualified sophomore, juniors, seniors and graduating candidates to support small groups of candidates throughout the program. The purpose is to create a learning community focused on helping candidates at all levels balance their social and academic life.  To serve as an iLEAD mentor, a student must be in good academic standing (minimum 3.0 GPA), must be committed to working with a diverse group of peers and entering students, must be willing to commit time with students throughout the academic year, and must be able to participate in formal mentorship training.

Program Contact:Dr. Tyrette Carter, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, 270 Proctor Hall,(336) 334-7848,

Emergent Educational Leaders Seminar Series

During the spring 2011 semester, several faculty and staff members within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction worked diligently to implement the Emergent Educational Leadership Seminar Series.   The purpose of the seminar series, which is intended for candidates who are pursuing initial teaching certification in any content area, is to raise candidates’ awareness of issues germane to the teaching profession, especially as it relates to sociocultural and sociopolitical matters emerging in our 21st Century public schools.  To accomplish this purpose, the seminar series has three distinct goals: (1) to increase candidate knowledge of critical issues K-12 classroom teachers encounter in public school contexts, (2) to enhance the social capital of candidates and their access to physical and human resources, and (3) to forge relationships between candidates, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders.

Program Contact: Dr. Sharon Hunter, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, 270 Proctor Hall, (336) 334-7848,

On Common Ground Conference

Each spring semester, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction hosts the “On Common Ground Conference” that focuses on current issues occurring in our public schools.  This conference is a deliberate attempt to bring together parents of K-12 students, teachers and administrators from K-12 schools, faculty from institutions of higher education, and teacher education candidates to engage in critical discourse and collaborative conversations to address these pressing issues.  Generally, this conference is free of charge for participants.

Program Contact:Dr. Ereka Williams, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, 270 Proctor Hall, (336) 334-7848,