CUIN Syllabi




Course Number

Course Name

CUIN 101

Technology for 21st Century Classrooms

CUIN 102

Introduction to Teacher Education I

CUIN 110

Ethics of Teaching

CUIN 210

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy               

CUIN 302

Field Experiences and Community Services

CUIN 310

Assessment for 21st Century Classrooms

CUIN 401

Classroom and Behavioral Management

 CUIN 410

Diffrientiated Instruction

CUIN 413

Learning and Practice

CUIN 520

Content Area Literacy

CUIN 542

Children’s Literature and Instructional Media

CUIN 543

Educational Media

CUIN 619

Learning Theories

CUIN 627

Content Area Literacy

CUIN 640

Methods of Teaching for 21st Century Classrooms

CUIN 660

Clinical Practice in Teacher Education

CUIN 670

Capstone Experience in Teacher Education

CUIN 711

Research and Inquiry

 CUIN 715

 Assessing and Evaluating Student Learning

CUIN 720

Curriculum Development

CUIN 721

Advanced Methods and Internship

CUIN 728

Integrating Technology into the K-12 Classroom

CUIN 729

Diversity Issues in K-12 Schools

CUIN 740

Issues and Trends in Education


Course Number

Course Name

ELED 120

Shape of Space in Our World

ELED 121

Algebra, Number Theory and Number Systems in Our World

ELED 201

Communication for the Elementary Teacher

ELED 300

Introduction to English Language Learner

ELED 316

Creative Arts, Healthful Living, and Movement Activities

ELED 404

Teacher Licensure – Review Seminar

ELED 415

Curriculum Design and Instructional Planning

ELED 510

Language Arts in the Elementary Schools

ELED 511

Reading in the Elementary School

ELED 512

Social Studies in the Elementary School

ELED 513

Science in the Elementary School

ELED 514

Mathematics in the Elementary School

ELED 515

Methods of Teaching

ELED 544

Diagnostic Prescriptive Reading Instruction

ELED 559

Student Teaching in the Elementary School

ELED 610

Knowledge of the Learner in the Differentiated Classroom

ELED 611

Balanced Literacy for Elementary Learners I

ELED 612

Mathematics Curriculum and Pedagogy I

ELED 613

Classroom Management

ELED 614

A Conceptual Approach to Teaching Mathematics

ELED 615

Balanced Literacy for Elementary Learners II

ELED 616

Social Studies and Science Curriculum and Pedagogy

ELED 617

Mathematics Curriculum and Pedagogy II

ELED 618

Clinical Practices for 21st Century Elementary Classrooms

ELED 619

Action Research for the Elementary Education Classroom

ELED 714

Standards and Accountability in Elementary Education

ELED 729

School, Community, and Family Collaboration

ELED 751

Advanced Communication Skills

ELED 752

Advanced Science

ELED 753

Advanced Social Studies

ELED 754

Advanced Mathematics

ELED 755

Teachers as Educational Leaders

ELED 756

Assessment and Evaluation

ELED 757

Advanced Methods for the Elementary Classroom


Course Number

Course Name

INST 605

Computers in Education

INST 613

Developmental Media for Children

INST 680

Cataloging of Media Materials

INST 700

Instructional Design

INST 701

Foundations of Instructional Technology

INST 702

General Teaching and Assessment Methods

INST 705

Instructional Technology Services of Business and Industry

INST 721

Multimedia Development and Evaluation

INST 722

Advanced Internet Uses in Education

INST 752

Designing Courses for Online Delivery


Course Number

Course Name

READ 735

Organization and Supervision of Reading Programs

READ 736

Language and Early Literacy Development

READ 755

Foundations of Reading

READ 756

Integrating Literacy in the Content Areas

READ 757

Assessment and Literacy Instruction

READ 758

Assessment and Intervention of Literacy Needs

READ 759

Reading Practicum

READ 774

Seminar and Research in Reading


Course Number

Course Name

SPED 350

Introduction to Exceptional Children

SPED 354

Urban Schools

SPED 355

Introduction to Mild Disabilities

SPED 441

Teacher-Parent Community Resources for Exceptional Children

SPED 452

Assistive Technology for High Incidence Disabilities

SPED 539

Teaching Students with Persistent Reading Problems

SPED 540

Research Based Strategies for Teaching Mathematics

SPED 548

Diagnostic Assessment for Exceptional Individuals

SPED 564

Methods and Materials in Teaching the Special Needs Child

SPED 565

Teaching Exceptional in Inclusive Settings

SPED 639

Literacy Development: Strategies for Struggling Readers

SPED 661

Introduction to Exceptionality

SPED 670

Clinical Practice in Special Education

SPED 748

Special Education Assessment and IEP Development

SPED 760

Teaching Students with Learning and Behavior Problems

SPED 763

Classroom and Behavior Management in Special Education

SPED 764

Methods and Curriculum for Students with Learning Needs

SPED 765

Teaching Exceptional Strategies in Inclusive Settings