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Education Programs & Initiatives

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Transportation Institute's Educational Programs and Initiatives

The Dwight David Eisenhower HBCU Transportation Fellowship Program is sponsored by the National Highway Institute of the Federal Highway Administration to award fellowships to students pursuing degrees in transportation-related disciplines.  This program advances the transportation workforce by identifying and preparing students to enter careers in transportation.  Recipients of this prestigious award receive payment of in-state tuition and  fees for the entire academic year, a generous monthly stipend and a travel allowance to attend the annual Transportation Research Board Meeting in Washington, DC. The application deadline is March 20, 2014. The application period for the 2014-2015 academic year is closed.  Applications for the 2015-2016 academic year will be available in February 2015.

The Summer High School Transportation Institute (STI) is a 5 week program on the A&T campus targeting high performing high school juniors and seniors.  The objective is to introduce students to the Transportation/Logistics/Supply Chain profession and encourage them to continue their studies at the college level.  Students are introduced to all aspects of transportation; take the freshman writing course, and visit transportation sites including a major port and other transportation facilities in Washington DC.  The 2014 STI application will be available in February 2014.

The Southeastern Transportation Center (STC) is a consortium of nine universities in the Southeastern U.S. that have formed a partnership to serve the region as the designated U.S. Department of Transportation Region IV University Transportation Center. With a theme of transportation safety, STC is dedicated to the mission of training professionals to address the transportation needs of the region and nation in the 21st century. STC has an aggressive program of supporting students pursuing transportation degrees. With the goal of attracting future leaders into transportation careers, special emphasis is placed on recruiting top undergraduate and high school students. This is especially important among traditionally underrepresented groups such as women, African Americans, and Native Americans.

The STC undergraduate transportation program at North Carolina A&T State University is a national leader in this effort.  Participation includes financial support, research through faculty mentorship and travel to the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (TRB).  The TRB Annual Meeting program covers all transportation modes, with more than 4,500 presentations in nearly 800 sessions and workshops addressing topics of interest to all attendees—policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. 

Undergraduate students are also able to participate in various STC activities along with graduate students.  After graduation, students may elect to receive specialized graduate education at an STC institution. STC members include the University of Tennessee as the lead institution along with the University of Kentucky, the University of South Florida, the University of Central Florida, the University of Alabama, the University of Alabama Birmingham, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, North Carolina A&T State University, and Clemson University.

The NC DOT Summer Internship Program is a partnership with the North Carolina Department of Transportation which offers students an internship opportunity with local transportation entities.  The students receive a ten-week paid practical experience.  Applications for Summer 2014 Internships will be available in March 2014.

High School Teacher/Counselor Workshops provide an immersion experience designed to inform teachers and counselors regarding all aspects of the transportation, logistics, and supply chain professions and the myriad of employment/professional opportunities available to students.  These workshops result in exposing students from rural and undeserved populations to information regarding the employment opportunities in the Transportation/Logistics/Supply Chain profession.  Additional follow-up is provided to assist teachers with curriculum development that will infuse transportation and supply chain topics into the existing college preparatory curriculum.

The Right of Way Training Program at North Carolina A&T State University is an innovative training initiative that is unique in its purpose and mission. The goal of this program is to offer undergraduate students who aspire to a career in Right of Way to have the unique opportunity to engage in the same skills training as current professionals in the field, developing knowledge in an understanding of real estate acquisition and Right of Way policies and procedures, all while simultaneously earning their degree. Undergraduate students will also have the opportunity to engage in internships with the NCDOT and other partners as a part of their career preparation.

The responsibilities of Right-of-Way Agents in organizations involve cooperating with all levels of government and with private companies. This includes interpreting rules, regulations, and specifications set forth by the government and private companies.  They also may manage property not required for immediate use, including rental, maintenance, and enforcement of collections.  In addition, agents may sell unneeded land. Providing relocation assistance and payment to persons and businesses displaced by these projects are important aspects of an agent’s duties.

The Right of Way Training Program is offered through the Transportation Institute in the School of Business and Economics at North Carolina A&T State University.

The Construction Contractors Training Program provides practical and real-world training to small business owners that will improve their competitiveness and success in the construction industry.  This program is designed for new and emerging construction business owners seeking to develop the skills to start and manage a successful business in the construction industry. Participants in the program will engage in hands-on-training to develop the core components of a successful business.  The curriculum is designed for students that have not had the opportunity to participate in post-secondary education, and /or have little entrepreneurial training in operating a business.  The curriculum focuses on business management and construction management training.

Lecture series, site visits, and appropriate conferences and professional meetings are used to introduce undergraduate students to the transportation and supply chain profession.

Seminars and Workshops that are vital to the continued education and professional development of professionals in all areas of transportation/logistics/supply chain activities (public and private) are provided.  The availability and delivery of these workforce development activities enhances the probability of increased economic investment by current and potential employers.