Sales Leadership Day 2012- Craig Hall

Front Line Sales and Leadership Program

The terms frontline employee, customer contact employee, and customer-facing employee are used interchangeably to represent a broad range of jobs across industries where these boundary-spanners are influential in shaping perceptions of the company and ultimately its profitability through customer interaction. A customer’s interaction with a frontline employee has been described as the “moment of truth” at which customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty is often defined.

As effective boundary spanners, frontline employees must be able to gain commitment, to invoke trust, and to get work done through others inside and outside of the organization. Thus, it is critical for a market-focused organization to nurture a leadership-rich frontline to successfully leverage its customer orientation. Nurturing practical leadership attributes include building competencies in:

  • Visioning the future
  • Stretching targets over time
  • Influencing others
  • Developing novel approaches to customers, products, and markets
  • Committing to ethical business principles and conduct, and
  • Delivering results.

The School of Business & Economics is one of the 3M Frontline Partnership Schools preparing students for leadership roles on the customer frontline. 3M is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services. Each of their seven businesses has earned leading global market positions. Through the Frontline Partnership innovative curricula and student internships are offered. The 3M Frontline Initiative Summer Internship Program is a ten week assignment that offers qualified students a unique opportunity to sell for one of the divisions of the company.