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Customer Relationship Marketing & Management Certificate Program

Marketing is defined as a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating exchange value with others. More than any other business discipline, the Marketing function maintains the ties between the organization and the customer through products, services, and brand offerings. However, many organizations are finding that today’s business environment requires less focus on products, services and brands, and more focus on the customer and customer relationships. The term customer relationship marketing and management (CRM&M) refers to the philosophy, strategies, and processes that organizations are applying to acquire customers and retain long-term, mutually beneficial and profitable exchange. It involves managing detailed information about individual customers and carefully managing customer “touch-points” in order to deliver superior customer value and maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty.

One of the most common challenges facing today’s organizations is the speed of change, and nowhere is the change more striking than in the advances in information technology. In their book, Blown to Bits, Philip Evans and Thomas Wurster, refer to this phenomenon as “the new economics of information” and suggest that global connectivity is redefining the overall relationship businesses have with their customers, suppliers, and employers. Evans and Wurster suggest that a company’s sustainable competitive advantage will be directly related to its ability to effectively capture and utilize “rich” information in a manner that “deepen[s] customer relationships and [builds] brand equity.”2 Customer Relationship Marketing & Management is critical to the optimization of customer satisfaction and long-term profitability, and it is equally critical that employees have a sound awareness and appreciation for sustaining customer relationships. The School has augment its curriculum with the addition of an undergraduate certificate program in Customer Relationship Marketing and Management.

As producers of the workforce of the future, the School of Business and Economics strives to educate a diverse student population in a manner that enhances knowledge in specific business disciplines to produce valuable individuals and employees. To this end, the School continually reviews and evaluates the curriculum and the methods of program delivery to ensure that when the performance of our program and our students are measured in the workplace, they will be among those distinguished as successful.