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Plan of Study for Accounting Concentration

Core Courses

MIS - 713       Management & Implementation of Enterprise Information Systems
MGMT - 715   Quantitative Business Analysis
MGMT - 718   Management & Organization Analysis
ECON - 608    Managerial Economics

Accounting Courses

ACCT -  820   International Accounting
ACCT - 845    Selected Topics in Accounting
ACCT - 861    Advanced Auditing
ACCT - 863    Advanced Cost Accounting

Complete One of the Following Courses

ACCT - 643   Advanced Income Tax
ACCT - 691   Government & Not for Profit Accounting
ACCT - 690   Advanced Accounting Theory
MIS - 744     Enterprise Data Modeling

Graduate Course Elective (3 hours): INEN 628 Six Sigma Quality or any graduate course within the School of Business and Economics chosen in consultation with the program advisor. Course must be at the graduate 600 or 700 level.

Elective Course__________________

Admission Requirement for the MSM - Accounting Concentration
In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the Master of Science in Management degree program, the applicants for the Accounting Concentration must: (1) hold a baccalaureate degree in accounting or (2) a baccalaureate degree in any business field with a minimum grade of C in the following undergraduate Accounting Foundation courses or their equivalent:

Accounting Foundation Courses
Principles of Accounting I
Principles of Accounting II
Intermediate Accounting I
Intermediate Accounting II
Accounting Systems
Income Tax Accounting
Auditing Principles

These courses are waved for the Accounting Concentration if you are Accounting Majors.