School of Business

Interdisciplinary Center for Entrepreneurship & E-Business

The Interdisciplinary Center for Entrepreneurship and E-Business (ICEEB) is dedicated to developing the entrepreneurial spirit at North Carolina A&T State University.

The ICEEB's goals and objectives are:

  • To promote and foster entrepreneurship as a career option.
  • To provide opportunities for student to meet and work with practicing entrepreneurs.
  • To increase students' participation in e-business.
  • To encourage and support experiential learning in entrepreneurship.
  • To facilitate collaboration with community organizations
    to strengthen minority business.
  • To encourage and support research in entrepreneurship
    and e-business.

The ICEEB can help:

  • STUDENTS - who currently own a business, are thinking about starting a business, or are aspiring towards working in an entrepreneurial company.
  • LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS - who want to better manage and expand their businesses.
  • MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY - who are interested in starting a new venture or buying a franchise.

What we do:

The ICEEB offers a variety of programs to help students explore and experience entrepreneurship. Students can take entrepreneurial courses to earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. The ICEEB matches students with successful entrepreneurs to provide hands-on experiential learning opportunities such as the Entrepreneurial Scholars Program, Mentoring, and the E-Lab Course. Qualified start-ups from the E-Lab will be hosted in the Virtual Incubator for a year. Outreach activities sponsored by the ICEEB include a Lecture Series, Seminars and Workshops, and the Annual Collegiate Entrepreneurs Conference. The ICEEB Staff, the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO), and the Faculty Interest Group provide support for students in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Outstanding student entrepreneurs and Business Plan Competition winners are recognized at the annual Entrepreneurship Awards function.

Outreach Activities

Lecture Series

Throughout the year, the ICEEB invites prominent entrepreneurs to the campus to share their stories. The lecture series is opened to the general public. It is an opportunity for students to meet with and learn from successful entrepreneurs as well for the ICEEB to build relationships with the business community.

Seminars and Workshops

The seminars and workshops, while providing a valuable education to our students and local entrepreneurs, also provide an excellent networking opportunity for students and faculty.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Conference

The ICEEB sponsors the Annual Collegiate Entrepreneurs Conference to showcase and celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that is thriving on the North Carolina A&T State University Campus. The one-day event includes student presentations, workshops, keynote speaker, and networking opportunities.


The ICEEB hosts an annual Entrepreneurship Awards function. Awards are given for:

  • Student Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Business Plan Competition winners
  • Student Entrepreneur of the Year

The student entrepreneur of the year award recognizes an outstanding undergraduate entrepreneur at North Carolina A&T State University. The competition is opened to all undergraduate students who own and operate a business while attending college.

Scholarships and Internships
Qualified entrepreneurship students are eligible to receive scholarships and other financial assistance. Students are actively encouraged to apply for internship experiences.
The Entrepreneurial Internship provides an opportunity for students to learn and experience entrepreneurship first-hand in a startup company. The program exposes students to entrepreneurs as well as acquaints them with the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. The internship is for a minimum of 260 hours and may be paid or unpaid.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship
While the Entrepreneurship Concentration is available only to Management majors, the Certificate in Entrepreneurship is intended to serve the needs of students in all majors who wish to add it to their degree programs.The Certificate in Entrepreneurship offers a unique learning experience for students to acquire the basic skills necessary to start their own businesses or to expand their employment opportunities to include entrepreneurial organizations. Coursework provides theoretical, experiential and practical information about starting, operating and managing firms. Students will explore entrepreneurial career options, discuss corporate entrepreneurship, discuss the skills set needed for entrepreneurial success and develop and present a business plan.

Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year

The alumni entrepreneur of the year award recognizes and outstanding alumnus of North Carolina A&T State University for entrepreneurial success and enthusiasm in working with and helping students and other entrepreneurs.

Business Plan Competition Winners

The business plan competition winners awards recognizes and presents the cash prizes to the winners of the high school and collegiate student business plan competition.