Interdisciplinary Center for Entrepreneurship & E-Business

A joint project of the School of Business and Economics, the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, and the School of Technology.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Through collaboration with various schools and colleges on campus, the ICEEB provides the opportunity for students to earn a Certificate in Entrepreneurship in addition to their undergraduate degree. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship is available to all students in all majors. To receive the certificate, students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 18 credit hours required for the certificate.
  • Receive a minimum grade of “C” for each course.
  • Apply on a prescribed form, listing the courses taken and grades received.
  • Meet all departmental and University requirements for the particular bachelor’s degree.

Business majors:

  • Entrepreneurship courses:          BUAD 425, BUAD 499 and BUAD 460
  • Supporting courses:                  BUAD 422, BUAD 430, and BUAD 453

Non-Business majors:

  • Entrepreneurship courses:          BUAD 425, and BUAD 499 or BUAD 460
  • Supporting courses:                  Six hours of electives (selected by each program)
  • Business Courses:                    BUAD 422 and BUAD 430