Dr. Chiekwe Bernadette (Chi) Anyansi-Archibong

Dr. Chiekwe B. Anyansi-Archibong

Position: Professor
Email: archiboc@ncat.edu
Telephone: (336) 285-3404
Fax: 336-256-2645
Office Location: 341 Merrick Hall

North Carolina A&T State University
Quiester Craig Hall
Greensboro, NC 27411

Teaching Interest:
Global Issues—Global management courses
Strategic management
Ethics in Business
Research Ethics
Business environment
Cross-cultural communication and Management
Cross Cultural Negotiation Strategies, etc.Research Interest:
Emerging Economies and Global competitiveness
Research Ethics:
Sustainable Growth strategies
Factors of Production In economic development of poor nations, etc.


Chi Anyansi-Archibong received her PH. D. in Strategic Management, with minors in International Management and Entrepreneurship, an MBA and a BS degree in Accounting and Management from the University of Kansas. She is currently a professor at North Carolina A & T State University in Greensboro. She has been an active participant in organizing and implementing several management education programs and workshops in China, Latvia, Estonnia, Russia, Nigeria, St. Kitts, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, The U.S Virgin Islands and the United States. She has participated in several international faculty developments in Senegal, South Africa, Hungary, Czech Republic, India, Morocco, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. in addition to many others in the United States.

As a veteran Faculty Liaison(1989-1999) for the North Carolina Small Business and Technology Development Center (NCSBTDC), she worked with many area small businesses under the University outreach programs. Research/contract projects include the determination of appropriate budget system for the IT division of North Carolina Department of Corrections; Strategic Panning for The East Market Street Development ( EMSD) Corporation; program development for Students In Free Enterprise ( SIFE) Global in Africa; Role of entrepreneurship in building and sustaining economic development in developing economies; framework for developing cooperative organization for mushroom growers in three North Carolina counties; Development of Minority entrepreneurship cases with HBCU/Babson Consortium; etc.

Dr. Anyansi -Archibong is the author of four Research and Business Case Books; Over 112 journal and proceedings articles and cases; fifteen grant proposals and reports; and numerous teaching materials such as “experiential exercises” and skills development materials for Strategic, International, Ethics, and Business Environment courses (Instructional Materials). She has appeared as an invited speaker in several national and international conferences as well as held leadership roles in case research, Faculty short-term study abroad, cultural competency and case teaching workshops for both professional organizations and universities. She served as the president of the North American Case Research Association (NACRA), (a 550 member international organization). She was the president and founder of the Southeast Case Research Association (SECRA), the founder of North Carolina A&T SIFE organization, founder of SIFE Nigeria, founder of North Carolina A&T Rotaractor, and has served as the program chair, session chair, and discussant for several international and national professional organizations and conferences. Invitations for speaking engagements came from diverse organizations including Initiative for competitive Inner City, Association of NISSAN/HBCU Fellows, Institute for Global Leaders in the Caribbean, Women Leadership Forum, National Association of Women Business Owners, etc.

Dr. Anyansi-Archibong served as a reviewer for several professional proceedings, journals, and book manuscripts. She has served on the editorial review board for The Case research Journal, and The journal of Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, and The International Review for Third World Issues. She is currently on the editorial review board for The Journal of SMET Education: Innovations and Research, The Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, The Case research Journal, and the Southeast Case Research Journal. She was an Associate Editor for PINNACLE, A McGraw-Hill Publication (1990-2002) and an author for the Weekly Wall Street Journal In education (International Business Issues-1997-2004). She has served as a manuscript reviewer for McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, Prentice Hall, Sage Publishing Company, Houghton Mifflin, etc.

Dr. Anyansi-Archibong serves on several organization boards including the NACRA past presidents’ Advisory Council, the NACRA Board, the National Business School Network (NBSN) Steering Committee, The Southeast Case Research Board, The Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) Academic Board, Who is Who in professions board, Students for Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship (SAGE) board, and Bishop McGuinness High School Board, Industry of the Blind (IOB) board. She is a SIFE Consultant, a member of the National Academy of Management, International Council for Small Business (served as International Liaison) , a member of the Small Business Institute Directors Association, a member of the Triad World Affairs Council and the U. S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), Global business Association, World Case Research and Application (WACRA). She was also on the Advisory Board of the Wall Street Journal in Education (1998-2004) and an ex-officio member of SIFE Nigeria Board. She served on the Greensboro United Way Council for Self-Sufficiency, Employment and Positive Life (1992-2003)

Dr. Anyansi-Archibong has received several recognitions and awards. She is currently listed in the 2000 Notable American Women, in the 1995 Who is Who World Wide, 1996 Sterling Who is Who, and 1995 Harvard Directory of Who is Who in International Management Research. She is a Nissan Fellow, A Samuel Walton Fellow for Free Enterprise Education, A Paul Harris Fellow (Rotary International), a SASAKAWA-Japanese Institute Fellow, an ExxonMobil Fellow, an Institutional Leader for Land Grant Universities Research Ethics (LANGURE). She was a National President for SIFE Global, the Faculty Director for the University of Michigan-Center for International Business/ HBCU Collaboration, A Champion of SIFE, A Double Eagle Champion of SIFE, The Leavey Award Recipient for Excellence in Entrepreneurship education, the Distinguished Case Research Contributor Award and the Beyond Pinstripes Award for External Impact. She has received several Teaching Excellence awards including the AMOCO teaching excellence.

Dr. Anyansi-Archibong was the chair of the University environmental Scanning Committee for several years and a member of the committee for the 1890s University Planning ( a federal government Committee). She was chair of the Department of Business Administration Curriculum Committee for eleven years and currently chairs the School of Business and Economics curriculum committee. She has served for several years on the School of Business and University Promotion and Tenure committees. She was the Chair for Faculty Grievance committee. She has authored several courses at the school and university level and supervised the development of three other international related courses in the Business School. She served as the Coordinator for the University Interdisciplinary Global Studies Certificate Program (GSCP) 2001-2006 and the School of Business and Economics Business Environment Course, 2003-present. She also currently serves as a member of the UNC Tomorrow Team for Global Competency and the University System ORP Investment Advisory Committee.