Campus of NC A&T

Meet our Faculty and Staff

The Department of Management has 25 full-time faculty members who hold an earned doctorate in the field or are otherwise qualified in their specific teaching and research area. Faculty members publish their research in a variety of academic and professional journals. They also serve in many regional, national and international professional organizations.

Dr. Silvanus Udoka (336)285-3372 Merrick Hall - Room 227 Associate Professor and Chairman, Department of Management
Dr. Roger Gagnon (336)285-3291 Craig Hall- Room 312C Associate Professor and Director of Master of Business Administration
Dr. Thaddeus McEwen (336)285-3356 Merrick Hall- Room 142 Professor and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Dr. Obasi Akan (336)285-3325 Merrick Hall - Room 316 Associate Professor of Management
Dr. Hayward Andres (336)285-3324 Merrick Hall - Room 305 Associate Professor
Dr. Chi Anyansi-Archibong (336)285-3404 Merrick Hall - Room 341 Professor
Dr. Verona Edmond (336)285-3333 Merrick Hall - Room 210 Assistant Professor
Dr. Marka Fleming (336)285-3338 Merrick Hall - Room 307 Associate Professor
Dr. Rhonda Hensley (336)285-3360 Merrick Hall - Room 146 Associate Professor
Dr. Jeanne J. Holmes (336)285-3376 Merrick Hall - Room 231 Assistant Professor
Dr. Alice Johnson (336)285-3394 Merrick Hall - Room 320 Associate Professor
Ms. Sandra Jones-Strayhorn (336)285-2380 Craig Hall - Room 312H Technical Director/Lecturer
Dr. Kathryn Kisska-Schulze (336)285-3387 Merrick Hall - Room 309 Assistant Professor
Dr. M. Louise Lind (336)285-3403 Merrick Hall - Room 340 Professor
Dr. Maranda McBride (336)285-3359 Craig Hall - Room 402 Director of the Transportation Institute and Associate Professor
Dr. Angela Miles (336)285-3399 Merrick Hall - Room 333 Associate Professor of Management
Dr. Shona Morgan (336)285-3393 Merrick Hall - Room 319 Associate Professor of Operations Management
Dr. Frank Mullins (336)285-3362 Merrick Hall - Room 209 Assistant Professor
Dr. Patrick Rogers (336)285-3347 Merrick Hall - Room 112 Associate Professor
Dr. Belinda Shipps (336)285-3358 Merrick Hall - Room 144 Associate Professor
Dr. George Swan (336)285-3368 Merrick Hall - Room 220 Associate Professor
Dr. Isaiah Ugboro (336)285-3366 Merrick Hall - Room 214 Professor
Dr. Joanne Sulek Utley (336)285-3390 Merrick Hall - Room 313 Professor
Dr. Hong Wang (336)285-3384 Merrick Hall - Room 303 Associate Professor
Mrs. Barbara Pratt (336)285-3374 Merrick Hall - Room 227 Executive Assistant
Ms. Kristy Upchurch (336)285-3373 Merrick Hall - Room 227 Administrative Associate