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Welcome to our department where we offer 4 Economics degrees; we have a general concentration (our most popular) that consists of a core economics component but has up to 30 free elective hours (10 courses) that allows a student to concentrate in any field they want. For instance, we have economics majors taking 18-21 hours in biology/pre-med, fashion design, construction management, political science, mathematics, etc. We also offer a Business concentration that has the same core economics component that the other concentrations have, but 21 hours are filled with 'business' courses such as finance, accounting, marketing, and management. There is also our Law concentration, one of only a handful in the entire country whereby 21 hours are filled with philosophy, communications, and business law courses. And finally, we have the International Economics concentration which involves the student taking 21 hours in international business and politics courses.

Our majors have been placed in a variety of public and private sector institutions as well as some of the most prestigious law and graduate programs.  As one of the highest-paying majors of all university degrees, we offer an exciting opportunity to start your professional career at the most advanced level possible.

Consistent with the mission of the School of Business and Economics, the mission of the Department of Economics is to prepare highly competent and globally competitive graduates in the field of Economics.  Our mission is accomplished through effective teaching provided by faculty engaged in relevant current scholarship. We emphasize excellence in all that we do.  We pursue this mission in an environment that promotes mastery of knowledge and understanding, and acquisition of the competencies and skills necessary for success in the professional world, and in discipline-specific graduate study.  Our mission includes preparing graduates who exemplify the values of good citizenship in a culturally diverse and technologically competitive world.

The Department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in:


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