Zeta Sigma Chapter of BETA ALPHA PSI Meetings

National Meeting

In August 2013, Peter Akinleye, Shernelia Cooper, and Munachimso Nnebe-Agumadu attended the Beta  Alpha Psi National Conference in Anaheim, CA.   The Retired Dean Quiester Craig received the Beta Alpha Psi International Dean of the Year Award on August 9, 2012.  Munachimso, often called Muna, was selected to participate in the “Project Run With It” case competition which requires an analysis of a not-for-profit entity, a written summary of their results, and a presentation to conference attendees.  Muna had the opportunity to work with three other individuals from different schools for the PRWI case competition. The purpose of the case competition was to come up with a strategic plan for improving the services and employment opportunities offered by a not-for-profit in the Anaheim area. 

Peter and Shernelia presented at the conference in an operational session entitled, “Beyond the Norm – Surviving as a Small Chapter.”  These students and the faculty advisor, Dr. Lisa Owens-Jackson, also participate in a five-hour community service project sponsored by KPMG, LLP and the KPMG Foundation.  Over 500 Beta Alpha Psi members and advisors traveled to area elementary, middle, and high schools to work with students on reading and financial literacy skills.  Each elementary student was given a book.

Regional Meeting

On February 22, 2013, eight Beta Alpha Psi members and two initiates traveled to Nashville, TN to attend the 2013 Southeast Regional Conference. At the conference, members were given a chance to network with professionals and other student Beta Alpha Psi members.

The Zeta Sigma chapter was one of only three chapter to compete in all three Best Practices presentations.  This was the first year the chapter competed in all Best Practice categories and the second year participating in the competition overall. Sponsored by Deloitte, this year’s Best Practice categories included Innovation, Imagination, and Inspiration.  Audrey Bostic, Janella Harrell, and Jewel Livingston presented the True Colors Team Building Skills Program in the Innovation category.  Peter Akinleye, Shernelia Cooper, and Hassan Lamot presented on how they inspired high school students through the Department of Accounting and Finance’s high school ambassadors program in the Inspiration category. 

Joshua Hill, Tevin Milton, and Adrianne Bostic presented on the various ways to help students improve their writing skills through the Read ‘Em Weep writing policy. They placed second in the Imagination category.  All teams worked hard and represented the Zeta Sigma Chapter well.  Josh Hill serviced as a panelist and Dr. Lisa Owens-Jackson facilitated a session entitled, “How to be an Efficient Reporting Secretary.”

At the conference, the Zeta Sigma chapter was chosen to co-host the 2014 Southeast Regional Conference in Orlando, FL!